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Found 10 results

  1. Mavric

    CB Avante Dickerson

    Player: Avante Dickerson Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: Westside Position: Cornerback Height: 6-0 Weight: 170 40 Time: Power 5 Offers: Iowa State, Minnesota, Nebraska Visits: 2018 - Friday Night Lights; 6/21/19 - Friday Night Lights Twitter 247 Composite: #105 Overall; #8 CB; .9402; Rivals: #14 CB; 247: #50 Overall; #4 CB; ESPN: Hudl
  2. jsneb83

    OT Teddy Prochazka

    Player: Teddy Prochazka Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: Elkhorn South Position: OT Height: 6-8 Weight: 250 40 Time: Offers: Nebraska Visits: 10/27/18 vs. Bethune-Cookman; 11/17/18 vs. Michigan State; 3/30/19 - Jr Day; 4/13/19 - Spring Game; 6/15/19 - Pipeline Camp; 6/21/19 - Friday Night Lights Twitter 247 Composite: #195 Overall; #24 OT; .9266; Rivals: #43 Overall; 247: #38 OT; ESPN: Hudl
  3. The Murphinator

    WR Xavier Watts [Notre Dame Commit]

    Player: Xavier Watts Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: Burke Position: Wide Receiver Height: 6-1 Weight: 185 40 Time: Offers: Iowa State, Minnesota, Purdue, Nebraska, Northwestern, South Dakota State, Wisconsin Visits: 3/15/19; 4/13/19 - Spring Game; 6/1/19; 6/14/19 - Friday Night Lights Twitter 247 Composite: #499 Overall; #87 WR; .8777; Rivals: #94 WR; 247: #77 WR; ESPN: Hudl
  4. Mavric

    TE A.J. Rollins

    Player: A.J. Rollins Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: Creighton Prep Position: Tight End Height: 6-6 Weight: 220 40 Time: Power 5 Offers: Nebraska Visits: 6/21/19 - Friday Night Lights Twitter 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: ESPN: Hudl
  5. Player: Nick Henrich Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: Burke Position: Linebacker Height: 6-4 Weight: 200 40 time: Offers: Iowa, Iowa State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio Visits: 6/17/17; 4/17/18; 9/29/18 vs. Purdue Twitter 247 Composite: #145 Overall; #8 ILB; .9383; Rivals: #119 Overall; #20 OLB; 247: #92 Overall; #6 ILB; ESPN: #293 Overall; #21 OLB; Hudl
  6. Player: Chris Hickman Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: Burke Position: Tight End Height: 6-5 Weight: 195 40 Time: Offers: Nebraska, Iowa State, Ole Miss, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota State, Minnesota, Kansas State Visits: 9/23/17 - Friday Night Lights; 10/14/17 vs. Ohio State; 4/5/18; 7/30/18; 9/8/18 vs. Colorado; 9/15/18 vs. Troy; 9/29/18 vs. Purdue Twitter 247 Composite: #517 Overall; #23 TE; .8777; Rivals: #32 TE; 247: #17 TE; ESPN: #6 TE-H; Hudl
  7. Player: Noah Fant Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: South Position: Defensive End Height: 6-4 Weight: 211 40 time: 4.64 Offers: Nebraska, South Dakota State, Wyoming Visits: 4/11/15 - Spring Game; 10/10/15 vs. Wisconsin Twitter Rivals: #39 WDE; 247: #63 WDE; Scout: #66 DE; ESPN: Hudl
  8. Player: Moses Bryant Hometown: Omaha, NE School: Elkhorn South Position: Running Back Height: 5'11 Weight: 195 40 Time: Offers: Visits: 6/12/17 (FNL), 10/7/17 (UV), 10/14/17 (UV), 11/24/17 (UV) Twitter 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: ESPN: Hudl
  9. topekahusker

    US Senior Open Golf - Omaha

    Omaha will be in the national golf community's spotlight this week with the US Senior Open Golf Championship (a major) being hosted by the Omaha Country Club. I have my tickets and will make the drive up for the weekend. I have an Omaha friend that took the entire week off so he could volunteer all 6 days he was so excited for this event. If you have never been to a major golf tournament, get out for one of the practice rounds Monday - Wednesday and take a camera as you will be able to get up close to create some great memories. And you will find most of the players receptive to signing autographs, if you are into that, until they get serious on Thursday. Wednesday afternoon at 2:00, there is a special exhibition that will be interesting: Fred Funk and Hale Irwin will challenge former Heisman trophy-winner, Eric Crouch, and NFL running back, Danny Woodhead, in various golf skills. John Knicely from WOWT will emcee.
  10. I hesitate to post this because...well...mainly because it came from the OWH and Dirk Chatelain, but I saw this interesting link in his "Mad Chatter" column: And the Baseball America column has this to say about Sparty being picked over Wake Forest: I guess the question is, do you think we were close to an at-large (likely determined by Big 10 Tournament play), or is Dirk just trolling his readers (again)?