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Found 3 results

  1. NORTHWESTERN WEEK By Husker Meltdown Podcast
  2. The Husker Football Fancast published Part 2 of our season recap this week! We'd love it if you checked 'em out: Part 1: http://huskerfancast.libsyn.com/s01e17-2015-season-recap-part-1 In Part 1, we take a broad look at 2015, including the highs and lows. We're also joined by Danny Sabra, the winner of our season-long score prediction contest. Part 2: http://huskerfancast.libsyn.com/s01e19-2015-season-recap-part-2 In Part 2, we discuss last year's MVP's and make some very early predictions about 2016. You can also listen / subscribe on iTunes...just click the banner link in my signature. We still plan to publish a few episodes during the offseason (think Spring Game, NFL draft, etc.). If you have any ideas, criticism, compliments, guest suggestions, or general input, we'll welcome all of it. If you give it a listen, please let me know!
  3. Hi everyone, longtime lurker checking in. My last post here is from the Callahan era! My friend Justin and I are starting a Husker fan podcast this fall. Back in April we took our first step by recording a "preview episode" after the spring game. If you've got about a half hour to spare, I'd be thrilled if you gave it a listen and shared your feedback: http://www.mikeharvat.com/huskers/huskers.mp3 Please know that there are already a LOT of things we want to improve before we record our first real episode, most importantly... - Improved audio quality (We were testing a Skype recording program with Justin calling in while driving in western NE). This includes a more balanced mix and more audio production in general. - Well-defined and delineated segments (e.g. Weekly recap, Huskers in the NFL, trending topics in Husker Nation) So basically, it will sound better and have more organization come September, but I think this preview captures the spirit of what we want to create. Our goal is to make it interesting for our fellow fans by keeping it entertaining, educational, and enthusiastic. We will take your feedback and criticism to heart! Thanks, - Mike