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Found 6 results

  1. Select all the wins that apply. My 2015 Prediction W - vs BYU W - vs South Alabama L - @ Miami (FL) W - vs Southern Miss W - @ Illinois W - vs Wisconsin W - @ Minnesota W - vs Northwestern W - @ Purdue L - vs Michigan State W - @ Rutgers W - vs Iowa L - vs Ohio State (2015 B1G Championship) W - Bowl Game
  2. Heya Huskers, I'm looking for a way to download a 2014 Nebraska football schedule poster layout with score boxes that I can print with my large format digital printer. Does anyone know where I can get one or multiple poster layouts? The ones I have found online are really cruddy looking. Similar to these attached layouts. Thanks in advance, Matt
  3. Here's the schedule for today: WEDNESDAY’S SCHEDULE - All times Eastern 11 a.m.: Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern) 11:15 a.m.: Darrell Hazell (Purdue) 11:30 a.m.: Gary Andersen (Wisconsin) 11:45 a.m.: BREAK noon: Tim Beckman (Illinois) 12:15 p.m.: Kevin Wilson (Indiana) 12:30 p.m.: Brady Hoke (Michigan) 12:45 p.m.: BREAK 1 p.m.: Bo Pelini (Nebraska) 1:15 p.m.: Mark Dantonio (Michigan State) 1:30 p.m.: Urban Meyer (Ohio State) 1:45 p.m.: BREAK 2 p.m.: Jerry Kill (Minnesota) 2:15 p.m.: Bill O’Brien (Penn State) 2:30 p.m.: Kirk Ferentz (Iowa) 2:45 p.m.:Mark Silverman (BTN President) 3 p.m.: Scott Jenkins (Tournament of Roses President) 3:15 p.m.: Jim Delany (Big Ten Commissioner) BTN.com post: http://btn.com/2013/...-days-schedule/ You can watch everything online here: http://www.btn2go.com/btn2go/
  4. Northwestern @ Michigan Michigan St. @Penn St. Iowa How many of the remaining games must Pelini when to keep his job? Where do those wins come from? Can he do it? Here is my take: W (55/45 chance)-Northwestern L-@ Michigan L-Michigan St. W-@Penn St. L-Iowa Would this be enough to keep his job?
  5. Thought I'd get this up since we're discussing non-con and conference schedules. I did overlook that we don't play Michigan State during conference play, which could hinder us if Michigan State is as they are projected to be (read: one of top three teams in the conference). *04/11/2012: Updated with info from BTN that they're going to broadcast the Cal State Bakersfield game originally for NET, but flagged in purple in case that info was an error on their part.
  6. By now, I'm sure we're all aware of Nebraska adding BYU to the schedule, as well as the discussion that there is a handshake deal which may add BYU to future schedules in all sports, not just Football. If not, here's the article from the Journal Star discussing the football development. Now, here's the thing that gets disconcerting--we all know that the Big XII isn't exactly the most ethical of conferences, as we saw in the 2009 Big XII Football championship game and multiple times during the 2010 season when we were leaving. It's one of the (many) reasons Nebraska fans aren't exactly chomping at the bit to schedule Big XII teams during the non-conference season (save for Oklahoma, which is equal parts sensible and insanity). So, now we make with reports that BYU is aggressively seeking a seat in the Big XII. Of note: Now, there were talks about BYU joining the Big XII that fizzled out for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to) BYU only wanting to be a football member and not wanting to play any sport on Sunday. Now, it looks like BYU is willing to go all-in with the Big XII. Perhaps BYU is realizing what Texas figured out--that independence isn't worth the headache? --- Now, regarding Nebraska: any future home and home with BYU will likely be with them as a Big XII member. That includes being subjected to all of the old Big XII drama off the field once again (sure to give fans and players tiredhead), but all of the corrupt officiating on the field as well...perhaps as soon as 2015. Now, the problems weren't as pronounced with other sports during our last season, and I know we've already scheduled former Big XII teams in non-football sports--off the top of my head, ISU in Volleyball, and KSU in baseball. But the question is, do we really want to subject ourselves to reliving the past and having to hear Texas' side of the Big XII events taken as gospel in the media leading up to the season? Do we want to subject our kids on the football side of the equation to potentially the biggest helping of conference home cooking served up this side of a (then) Pac-10 officiated event? Is there an upside to engaging in all of this just to play BYU? Frankly, I think we (as an institution) deserve better. I do hope that if BYU goes to the Big XII, we say 'thanks, but no thanks'. (And yes, this is trivial, but it's the freakin' off-season. There are only so many 'what will be the 2-deep for the Spring Game' threads a fan can take).
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