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Found 9 results

  1. In 2010, after the KState game, I made a bet with my pops that TM would be invited to NY for the Heisman ceremony, if not win it, before he graduates. Only has to get there tho, like Suh did, not win the trophy to win the bet. He laughed at me and told me no way in hell would it happen, shook my hand and was excited to kick my a$$ in this wager. Bet is: Loser has to buy dinner and drinks for the entire family (4 siblings, spouses, kids, pops and Mom) at the restaurant of choice of the winner. We both have expensive taste, particularly when it's not on our own dime........ At the ti
  2. Martinez should start and only play 1 quarter. I love Martinez, but if the kid is not healthy he shouldn't need to play against South Dakota State. It's unnesesarry. It gives Armstrong much needed experience and Martinez time to get right. Not only that, but maybe it will light a fire under Taylor's ass. TO did it with Frazier and Berringer in the 90's. We're playing South Dakota Shhhtate and what better time. But that's just me.
  3. With the start of the 2013 season way, way too far away, I thought I'd lay out some of my bold predictions for the 2013 season. Braylon Heard, Ameer Abdullah, and Imani Cross will become a three headed monster in the backfield. In the absence of Rex Burkhead, who was sidelined with a nagging knee injury for a majority of the 2012 season, Ameer Abdullah stepped up big time and posted a 1,000+ yard season, and showed Husker fans that there will be life after Rex Burkhead. He's powerful, shifty, and can hide behind the big guys in front of him. But Nebraska has more talent in the backfiel
  4. This is a completely just get the thoughts a flowing as I am a staunch T-Mart follower since he was jsut a 3* recruit. But what would you guys think of him playing at WR or scatback this year either in packages or full time? I just say this because as much as I'd love it, he would never have a shot in the pros at the position. (bigger suprises have happened though) And he has Devin Hester type speed so slot reciever could be a spot if he has the hands and the drive to go pro... Thoughts?
  5. Taylor Martinez threw 13 touchdown passes last year. How long until he matches that? Martinez threw 23 TD passes in his first two seasons, can he match that number this year? Will he reach his much publicized goal of completing 70% of his passes?
  6. T-Mart's a nominee for this week vote http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/feature/index?page=caponecup
  7. What do you think our first offensive play of the season will be? A pass? A run? Option? I'm thinking I-Form Iso for Burkhead.
  8. I am just worried about if we can improve as a winning program next year with TM taking snaps. I have a lot of patience, however I would absolutely love to see our beloved Huskers win at least one more game next year if not more than this year. I understand many other factors contribute to a teams success, I just hope the starting QB can be even more of a leader and help us win more games.
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