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Found 1 result

  1. I keep seeing people say, "I'm happy we faced a good opponent so that our coaches see our faults and will address them," and, "I'm glad that end-of-game clock mismanagement didn't bite us in the butt, the coaches can learn from this near disaster." But, do coaches every learn anything new? And do they consequently adapt to it? Maybe it is because they are stubborn. Maybe it is because they aren't smart enough to adapt. Maybe it is because, in some instances, adapting would hurt more than help (i.e. if Diaco decided to have the cbs press instead of play off, possibly resulting in getting burnt deep). Whatever it is, coaches never actually seem to learn/adapt. Mike Riley is the second(?) most experienced coach in college football, yet routinely mismanages the clock and hasn't learned how to close out opponents. Diaco apparently never learned throughout his ND/UConn years to bring his cb's closer. So should we go into next week, and every week from here on out, expecting to see these same mistakes? Or do we believe something changes?
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