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Found 15 results

  1. The men's basketball team had their "secret" scrimmage against ISU today. Keeping in mind, this isn't exactly a real game as there are additional stoppages, substitutions, etc...ISU won by about 9. Here is the links to the information so far about it. One is from an ISU writer so it is about ISU, however it does give a few more details. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/huskers-have-encouraging-scrimmage-at-iowa-state/article_64d1f47d-f764-5012-ab1d-6ad3526d55fe.html http://cyclonefanatic.com/forum/threads/updated-insider-iowa-state-beat-nebraska-by-9-today-details-here.223073/ FYI - the same ISU writer mentioned that the Nebraska women played ISU in Lincoln and Nebraska lost by over 20.
  2. This video 'campaign' may not go anywhere, but I saw it scroll past on social media so I thought I'd pose the underlying question: Have the costs of collegiate athletics surpassed their worth? And as a caveat - what is their worth? The video picks on college football. This overview is not very well written, but it outlines the topic and includes the embedded video: http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/college-athletics-are-stealing-your-future/ Also see http://www.presidentialfootball.com/index.php. I do have to admit I was surprised how much the University of Ohio students were paying in student fees - I think the video asserts that they pay almost $6000 over the course of an undergraduate degree, with the majority of these fees going to their football program. Obviously, this isn't the case everywhere (Virginia Tech students, for example, pay less than $300 annually for sports programs), but given the atmosphere surrounding student loan debt, I could see arguments being made that it shouldn't be the students who foot this bill. And if it is not the students who pay for it, who should? Big time programs probably carry their own weight, but those big time programs need to be able to fill up their schedules with somebody. Any thoughts?
  3. Last year was a magical year for the Nebrasketball team, but all summer long we were told Petteway would ditch after this year for the NBA, but he still needs to prove a few things. From what i have heard, Walter Pitchford also has intentions of trying to leave for the NBA(possibly after this season). I think most people assume TP is gone, but the WP angle might surprise some. Both guys needed to work on a few things according to NBA scouts. Petteway needs to work on his deep shot and his ball handling skills. Pitch needs to work with his back to the basket. So now, fast forward to where we are now. TP brings the ball up. He shoots when he shouldnt(did this last year) TP is who he is. Good player but sometimes he is too shot happy. My big concern is Pitch. The dude looks lost. He doesnt seem comfortable down low. His shot seems forced. His body language is awful. Our best (college) player has been Shavon Shields. Shouldnt be a surprise that no one is really talking about SS being in the NBA right now. Seems like Pitch and Petteway are playing with all this pressure to be in the NBA that they are trying to show off and be what they were last year, and more. All the pressure of last year seems to be taking a toll on this team. Need to go back to what worked last year. Play team ball. Drive the basket and dont worry about the future after Nebraska.
  4. We all know Miles has 3 spots. Rumors being thrown around out there are that we might have a few hidden gems. Here are a few names that are being thrown around: Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut 1h RT @AdamZagoria: Georgetown transfer Moses Ayegba is looking at LIU, Nebraska, Pepperdine, Indiana, Towson, Indiana St & Wichita State Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut Apr 5 All signs are pointing to W. Illinois' Jim Molinari joining #Nebrasketball’s staff as its new assistant coach... ($) https://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1628459 … Samuel McKewon ‏@swmckewonOWH 1h Chiles will be in hot demand. Gets to the rim, can shoot the 3. I like Nebraska for Ayegba, presuming the #Huskers like him for them. JMO. @GoodmanESPN: IUPUI 5th-year transfer Ian Chiles looking at Va Tech, FSU, Iowa St, Tenn., Neb, Texas A&M, Mizzou, Auburn, others." So two names to follow: Ian Chiles and Moses Ayegba. Add some other names, but with the (possible)addition of Coach Molinari, we might have a chance at the Chicago area.
  5. Punishment handed down for Biggs DUI last year. Suspended three games (the exhibition and first 2 games) http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/nu-s-biggs-suspended-for-three-games/article_3138edfb-fda9-54f6-958c-446bf2a7149d.html Puts even a greater emphasis on T. Webster being cleared to start the season or we could be looking at a Parker/Peltz combo at point to start. Needed to be done, but makes the opening game, Florida Gulf Coast even more scary.
  6. Interesting article on coaches and statistics on how they are using freshmen in terms of playing time. Miles is mentioned as playing freshmen at a high percentage (some due to rebuilding of course). Would be good for an prospective recruit to see as most want to play right away. --The part about Miles is in the bottom half in the "Minor Details" section http://basketball.realgm.com/article/228847/Freshmen-Playing-Time-Part-2
  7. This nice article on Doc was in our local paper today. It will be interesting to see if/when/where Doc goes to coach another program. After lean years in Lincoln, Sadler savoring success at KU By Austin Meek THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL LAWRENCE — Sadler is best known as the Big 12’s favorite underdog, the coach who spent six years pushing the boulder uphill and trying to get Nebraska into the NCAA Tournament. It will seem perfectly natural to see him on a bench at Sprint Center for the Big 12 Tournament, even if he’s running with a different crowd these days. “Nebraska’s a great place, but you’re talking about a whole different deal here when it comes to basketball,” said Sadler, the first-year operations director at Kansas. http://cjonline.com/...ring-success-ku
  8. I posted this in the Valpo game thread, but I spent so much time on it.. I wanted to actually get a discussion going. After 2 games, the Huskers are 2-0 and averaging 59 points a game. What are your early thoughts(yes, far to early to judge....) Mine are below: Was at the game last night and noticed a few things. Ubel has some strength and moves offensively.. nice touch on his ball and a good sense of where the hoop is. That being said, he was god awful on defense. He got beat on the pick/roll all night and while some of that is on the help defense, when he plays the 5... we STRUGGLE! Almeida- Slow.. sluggish.. no touch on his shot--that being said, he takes up space and dominates people down low-- I think the touch will come and so will his lungs as the season moves on. He needs reps and by the end of the season, i could see him playing 27-30 minutes a game and make a difference Gallegos- The kid shot well.. He wont be like Bo Spencer where he can shoot in peoples face, but if he has space and with the flubber in his shoes, he can give us 10-12 points a night. Talley- Was quiet offensivley, but is clearly one of the leaders of this team. Rivers-- I dont think he is a D1 guy... He is lanky, but gets pushed around and doesnt seem to have much/if any touch on his shots. Parker- He is quick--looks lost at times, but shows moments where he will be like a Cookie Miller-- he will be a good player with his quickness. Vucetic- He looks smaller than expected.... not sure if I have high hopes on this kid to do much this season. Coach Miles lets these boys play and that is where you see the old Doc offense. Right now our offense doesnt have any playmakers... it has a guy who can sit in the block and post up on people(Ubel/Almeida) Lets be honest, this team is VERY far away from competing. The future is bright with guys like: Biggs, Fuller, Hawkins, Webster, Petteway, Pitchford,Shields(he will play this year when healthy) LEts be honest.. this year is a throw away year.. which sucks for guys like: Almeida, Talley, Ubel. The fact that Menke, Peltz, Tyrance(HE WAS LOST LAST NIGHT) shows that this team is hurting.. but we got skill on its way. This team will win 2-3 games in the B1G this year... next year, we will struggle without having a true BIG down low, but once we get that.. future is bright!
  9. How far do you think Nebraska can go with Tim Miles and his new staff?
  10. I think we all know the outcome... http://sports.omaha....this-afternoon/ Opps my bad... Wrong forum, and its being discussed elsewhere feel free to delete MODS...
  11. This seems like the perfect opportunity to announce that Doc won't be returning after this season and begin the hunt for a new head coach. I know that's not how it will go down, but we've hit bottom. Tom needs to be proactive right now. He can't be perceived as continuing to support a coach who's clearly in well over his head. I can't wait to hear Doc's latest version of "I don't know why we lost!"
  12. The fighting Doc's take on mount nittany tonight at 730 on BTN...tonight is bring a friend night for unl students and hopefully there is a big crowd...this is a must win and if we cannot win this i think we will be clawing just to win one game from here on out...if this streak continues im afraid i will probably find myself at more women's games than men's this year...
  13. Huskers take on Wake Forest tonight at 8:15, game is televised on ESPNU....lets get out and support this team and get the W tonight
  14. Oregon comes into town tonight to take on Bo Spencer and the Huskers at 8pm tonight. Pack the Bob!
  15. Texas A&M taking a beating! 7 turnovers with a score of 31-9 in the first 10 minutes... This isn't looking very close. Edit: Forgot to mention... ESPN 2 if you wish to watch.
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