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Found 4 results

  1. Do you support the idea of beer sales during Nebraska home football games?
  2. OK, first off to call it a boil is a little of a misnomer, its more like gentling poaching the bugs. Second, if you dont have the proper equipment, the first time you do this can get some what expensive. Not counting the food I was out a couple of hundred bucks on Amazon for a high pressure burner and a 100quart pot, with basket insert, you can use a turkey frier, but you will need to limit your batch size to about 10 pounds or so, and buy a basket. Third, if you dont live in SEC land, the internet is going to be your best friend. Seasonings, equipment, crawfish, can all be had with a click, and your Fed-Ex guy will be your new best friend. Fourth, go big or go home, plan for 25+ people, any less and the effort is not worth it. Depending on your friends plan on 2-4 pounds per guest, normally the girls wont eat as many as the guys, two pounds max for the ladies. Buy a keg, and invite the neighbors, that way they cant call the cops on your drunk ass. Five, this is an all day event. Basically look at it as a tailgate, only in your garage, and without the sun burn. I normally do two boils. One out of the gate around 2 then one a little later, say 6-7. Have something planned to keep people there, if all you do is drink, your not going to go the distance. We do a bean bag tourney, and other things equally easy to perform while holding a drink. Six, this is a spring time only kind of thing, the main part of the season is March-June. Generally April is the sweet spot with the bugs being the most plentiful, the biggest size, and thinnest shell.. Also the lowest price. Seventh, if you can find a local fish monger to bring in your stuff go for it, but ask questions like what grade he is ordering. Basically "select" is the best and largest, but there are no hard rules to this grade. During the prime time "select" will normally yield less than 18 bugs per pound, a good thing, mainly look out for Field Run, these are not processed at all, and can be full of grim, crushed bugs, and other things. Pay for the better grade, and if your guy doesn't know, go somewhere else, I learned this the hard way. Eighth, figure out who actually eats meat/shellfish, the first time I had one of these, I found out a few guests dont eat shellfish, now I ask everyone who is going to actually eat. OK, the basics are covered, here we go. Here is what you going to need. This is for a party of about 30-35 people. Approximately sixty pounds of fresh live crawfish. If you have a local guy bringing them in, ask when they will arrive, if its the day before that is fine, just make sure he knows how to keep them healthy. If not, order off the internet, and have them delivered day of. Ive used a couple of different people, look out for people who include beads etc for a stupid low price. You want quality crawfish, not $.05 beads. I normally use these guys http://www.cajuncrawfish.com/ I call them, and normally they will throw you a discount, or free Saturday shipping. They normally include crawfish seasoning, for my taste I order a little extra. A large (very large) pot, mine is 100quarts, and I can cook one sack (30-40 pounds) of crawfish and veggies with no problem. A powerful burner. The bigger the better, but if its small its ok, it will just take longer. Two very large coolers, one for live crawfish, and one for cooked. A sack of lemons halved, a sack of red potatoes, 4-6 onions cut across the equator, 4-6 whole bulbs of garlic cut across the top, a couple of packages of frozen corn on the cob. Any other firm veg you might like, mushrooms, and artichokes come to mind. Seasoning, about 1.5lbs per 10 pounds of bugs. 1 Cup powdered celery. 8-10 lbs smoked sausage, or boudin, I go half and half, cut into smaller chunks. A large spoon, or some sort of way to move everything in the pot. I used a replacement rake handle from Home Depot, you can get a paddle off Amazon Beer. Can of Creole seasoning, like Tony's or Slap your mamma. Newspapers, beer flats for plates, normally free from your local liquor store, and a jumbo pack of paper towels. Method: Once you have the bugs, take one sack out of the shipping container, and hose them down, keep going until the water is clear. Keep them out of the sun. Put the sack in one large cooler, cut the end open and let those guys out. About 99% of them will be live. You can paw through them a little, but for the most part if they look alive things will be fine. If your water is cold they will be a little slow. Fill your pot about half way with water, and add the seasoning, thirty pounds equals 4.5 of seasoning, if you are doing veggies, make it five, and the cup of powdered celery. Don't add salt, its in the mix. Add all the components except the crawfish, corn, and sausage. Light your fire, and wait for the water to boil. One side note, an old Cajun told me once to let the seasoning sit for a few hours, so it can open up. Never tried it, always meant to. Drink. Once the water is boiling, kill the fire, lift out the basket, and put the crawfish on top of the veg. Lower back into the water, push the go button, and wait for the water to boil. Drink. Once the water starts to boil, kill the fire, you dont need a hard boil, just bubbling across most of the surface. Let sit for about 2-3 minutes. Stir everything then add the corn. At this point, you just need to let the pot sit. As the bugs cool they will absorb the seasoning and start to sink. Check every couple of minutes to see the progress. It will take around 30-40 miutes for them to taek in as much seasoning as they can. Pull one out and break the tail off and check the meat, if its rubbery let it sit longer, you are looking for the line between under done, and over done, over done and they fall apart. Also dotn worry about them not cooking, that is a huge amount of heat in the water etc, they will be fine. If they are still floating aftr 10-15 minutes, stir the pot every 2-3 minutes, this will help release the heat, speeding the process. Drink Once the bugs have sunk, and tasting finds them to be seasoned, with firm meat, go ahead and pull the basket. I put a couple of boards under the basket, and let it sit over the water for about a minute to drain. Now the fun part, the showy way is to take the basket and pour the entire contents over a newspaper covered table. This is OK at first but the food will cool fast, I dump the first batch on the table, then move it into the cooler once everyone has taken some. This will keep everything warm for a long time. At this point I put the basket back in the water and toss the sausage in. The water still has plenty of heat, and it will warm everything in about 20 minutes. Once ready I put these in the cooler as well. Drink, party, have fun... When you do the second batch, the only thing different you need to do is add a little more seasoning,and check the water level. Repeat the steps above, minus the veg. I put this in the cooler again, but make sure to wash it out from the first batch. Drink, get tired, have coffee, send your guests home. If you have leftovers, you can put them in one gallon zip top bags and send home with your guests or you can keep them. The whole bugs will keep for abot 3 days, and you just need to put them in a colander over boiling water to reheat them. If you can't eat all of that, pull the tail meat out and freeze it. It takes a lot of prep, and planning, well the first time does. I always get a helper to come over a few hours before to run for last minute items. It can be stressful, people have high expectations when you invite them, dont worry, it is almost impossible to completely mess this up. Also expect to be out around $400 for all the food, a friend of mine always passes the hat "behind my back" to help offset the cost. It kinda like a kegger in high school, you never make back what you put in.
  3. This probably isn't the right place for this, but will there be a HB get together for the spring game? What say you? edit: Mods, move this to wherever you think best.
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