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  1. I am purchasing a 6 passenger Golf cart and am now having to sell my beloved Husker Golf Cart. This is a 2010 Gas Powered Club Car Precedent. 8" Lift Kit Rear Seat that folds down Custom Wheels and tires New Custom Seats (< 1 year old) Die-Cut Decals LED Headlight and tail lights This cart has been well taken care of and is in Excellent condition. Asking $6500 Can IM or contact me via email: vdtubbs@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. Listening to one of the local radio stations the other day and they said our wide receivers have not improved since Scott Frost has arrived. Do you guys agree with this? With having such an elite wide receiver coach still living in Lincoln is there any way we can get Keith Williams back on the staff? I am also excluding Stanley Morgan and JD Spielman from this discussion since they are naturally gifted athletes.
  3. ..I’ve been looking to see if Phillip has been told to pound sand yet...anyone heard...? His 45% body fat linemen is a stand-alone metric itself, on top of the obvious evidence the whole country already saw..no core push power whatsoever...and Our D line get shoved to side like a HS JV squad...I heard all the hype about stoltenburg in offseason how “strong” he got...BS..he gets moved aside like a tree that looks the part but has NO trunk whatsoever..
  4. Is anyone else uncomfortable with how much the DoD seems to be embedding itself into athletics, particularly football, on both the collegiate and professional levels? It isn't healthy. Who at the university is responsible for things such this past weekend's Veteran and Military Appreciation game?
  5. I won't eat Nachos on game day.. wondering who else has Superstitions on game day
  6. I paid $9 for a beer and $20 to park yesterday. I have never paid such high prices in Lincoln. A failed football program has enormous financial implications throughout the whole state and for years if this continues. USA Today reported a few years back that UNL athletics had revenue of $101m and expenses of $98m; top numbers for the NCAA and one of the few programs that shows a profit. With more conference revenue and the new Adidas deal, the gross revenue today probably approaches $150 million. The top AD staffers and coaches (all sports) probably take 1
  7. Okay so I'm watching the NFL Network most notably the show "Path To The Draft" and I keep hearing about Oklahoma State and Texas A&M QBs Brandon Weedon and Ryan Tannehill. Based on how these guys played in college I simply can not believe that anyone in the NFL is thinking about drafting these two turds. Both are marginal QBs who were able to put up the numbers they did because the vast majority of teams they faced never blitzed them. Teams that blitzed Tannehill and Weedon ate them for lunch. I simply do not understand why these guys are even getting looks because the game tape doesn'
  8. Hey Huskers - Getting ready for what's going to be a GREAT weekend in Lincoln, and would love some local advice. I'll bring you all some of Oregon's finest micro-brews and macro-weed - as long as you share some of your BBQ with us! Here's a few questions for your trolling pleasures... Night before Festivities - rolling into town around 11pm. Drop our stuff and head to which bar? Where are the drinks the strongest, the girls the prettiest and the music the loudest on a night before gameday? Bars close at 2am? Any after hours joints (pun intended)? Best place to get a late night secon
  9. Check out our web page at rusticcowboydesignsllc.com We offer custom upholstery at affordable prices. We can get almost any color your heart desires in a range of fabrics and vinyls also leather if you want. The pictures are just a sample of what we can do for you. RUSTIC COWBOY DESIGNS IS YOU ONE STOP SHOP TO HAVE YOUR MAN CAVE FURNITURE IN HUSKER RED AND WHITE. Drop in to see us at 800 N Jeffers North Platte NE or call 308-289-3653. Note: We do not use any licensed logos unless you want them but we have to send out for that to a licensed facility to apply.
  10. This video 'campaign' may not go anywhere, but I saw it scroll past on social media so I thought I'd pose the underlying question: Have the costs of collegiate athletics surpassed their worth? And as a caveat - what is their worth? The video picks on college football. This overview is not very well written, but it outlines the topic and includes the embedded video: http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/college-athletics-are-stealing-your-future/ Also see http://www.presidentialfootball.com/index.php. I do have to admit I was surprised how much the University of Ohio students were pa
  11. Hi everyone, longtime lurker checking in. My last post here is from the Callahan era! My friend Justin and I are starting a Husker fan podcast this fall. Back in April we took our first step by recording a "preview episode" after the spring game. If you've got about a half hour to spare, I'd be thrilled if you gave it a listen and shared your feedback: http://www.mikeharvat.com/huskers/huskers.mp3 Please know that there are already a LOT of things we want to improve before we record our first real episode, most importantly... - Improved audio quality (We were testing a Skype record
  12. This blog has Gregory at 7 to the Bears.. I've seen him a few spots higher and a few lower.. Where do you think he can move up: http://thefmproject.com/2015/03/23/tfmp-nfl-mock-draft-1-0/#more-1126
  13. Coach Riley wants to hire a Walk-on Coordinator. I personally think this is great. I think the key points this person should have would be: 1) Must have roots in Nebraska. This person needs to know what it’s like to grow up with the dream of playing in Memorial stadium. 2) Must have recruiting experience. Has to be able to convince the kids to give up a scholarship offer from other schools and walk on in Lincoln. 3) Must already have a good relationship with the Nebraska high school coaches (especially in Omaha and Lincoln). If the coaches are o
  14. Husker Nation, I need your help! I am currently leading in the race for B1G Fan of the Year, but there are a few Iowa fans who want to change that... Please help by voting for me EACH DAY between now and November 17th! Share with your friends and vote every day! Go Big Red, WE CAN'T LET IOWA WIN!!! Share this with everyone you know and please let's put this competition to rest, considering Husker fans are the greatest in all of college sports! Go Big Red!!! http://bit.ly/1w6Y5bu
  15. Heya Huskers, I'm looking for a way to download a 2014 Nebraska football schedule poster layout with score boxes that I can print with my large format digital printer. Does anyone know where I can get one or multiple poster layouts? The ones I have found online are really cruddy looking. Similar to these attached layouts. Thanks in advance, Matt
  16. I went back and spent a lot of time reanalyzing this game as well as seasons prior and I have some points i hope we can discuss without causing a flame war or anything. I'll start off gentle by stating i think Tim Beck is the worst thing to ever happen to Taylor Martinez. My reasoning. When one looks at TM over all as a player the first thing you notice is that TM is a gifted runner. We haven't enjoyed a play maker like him at the QB position since Crouch really. And how is Time Beck using him? Well he wants him to throw the ball that's how. It's like taking one of Oregon's running
  17. For all those not liking Kentucky football these days. Looks like Kentucky is having their own issue with dismissing of players. http://sportsillustr...l?sct=obnetwork
  18. If you haven't been in the Husker Football subforum or don't really care how Nebraska could have done if the Huskers were in a different conference, I have been doing separate cluster analyses for each major conference, identifying the different types of teams within the conference as well as which type of team had success in the conference. In addition to that, I've also been looking at cluster versus cluster matches, looking at how each cluster played against the other. Now that I've completed the Big Ten, I would like to take a walk on the wild side and make a prediction for each team's
  19. My dad made this graph, and is asking his friends and family to decipher it. Winner gets first in line for our Thanksgiving meal (which is kind of a big deal!). You guys got any ideas? I'm thinking it has something to do with sacks, but could be way off. The winner that gets it on this board will get a +1 from me! Ready.......Go! 2011 2012
  20. What the title says. As long as you wear red and cheer loud, they're free. -Josh
  21. Hello everyone, I stumbled across a former Nebraskan, living in LA, who is currently working on a Husker Documentary called "Through These Gates." Still in the works, the previews look amazing so far!!! Thought I would pass along... http://vimeo.com/user10624205 Their Twitter handle is @ThruTheseGates Hope you enjoy!
  22. Just a FYI to folks looking for an easy away game ticket in 2012--Northwestern is selling season tickets from $99 to $262/ticket. Reason you may want to jump on this now, as opposed to say, in a month or three, is that Northwestern has designated their Nebraska game as "Family Night" in an attempt to get family and alum in the area into the stadium to try and keep us out. Was able to pull two tickets for Row 77 in section 130. Not ideal, but once you sell the tickets for the other games, it shouldn't be *nearly* as expensive as $262/ticket when all is said and done, especially if
  23. I know it is a long winter but I'm looking forward to spring time to watch the Omaha Goats. What are you looking forward to?
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