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Found 1 result

  1. Coach changes are very upsetting to both players and fans. We, my wife and I traveled to Wisconsin last year and witnessed Pelini cuss out a player. At the time we were up 17-0 and the players shut down on Pelini literally, it was an embarrassment for all Nebraskans. Pelini was pictured constantly on the big board; everyone could read the lips of foul mouthed Pelini trash talk a player as he pointed his finger and followed the player for two plays with his back to the field. Pelini should have been fired, probably never hired! Frank Solich inherited a wonderful program from Tom Osborne. Nebraska had the potential to win several more National Championships with the talent he inherited; Unfortunately Frank Solich’s was terminated due to his indiscretions with students [this has never been disputed by the UNL athletic department]. Solich’s years of very poor recruiting fell in the lap of Bill Callahan, who picked up pieces, knowing you don’t recruit experienced juniors and seniors, you get what the prior coach left you. Callahan was criticized for recruiting and filling the recruiting void with Junior college players remember? We jumped the horn with Callahan who did a wonderful job recruiting, remember Suh? Fans and alumni took him out in two years; the strong recruiting efforts by Callahan, Pelini got credit for the next four years. We as Nebraskans have a long history of decorum, demeanor and respect for our opponents, and it took Tom Osborne years of disappointing seasons with alumni calling for his job too! I am for Scott Frost as a coach, however not at this time; the clean-up that has to be done is being done by a soft spoken Mike Riley which is needed at this time, Riley has enough experience to weather consequences of losses as he tries to build upon recruiting talent for a future coach, possibly Scott Frost. Then we may, if we as fans, alumni and faculty support this effort united we may be able to lick our wounds, learn by past mistakes and build upon this experience for a stronger program in the future. Tom Osborne’s humility gave us strength during challenging times, lest we forget.
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