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Found 2 results

  1. ...I suppose today should give ample evidence of a failed organizational leader, Mr Reilly and his methodology/approach to the game..the next coach must build his offensive around the focus of building a rushing based offensive system and stop recruiting these pass blocking profile body types...that have no no core power to go forward, only backwards in pass protection..and have insanely slow footwork..and go back to recruiting the passed over smaller, squatty type lineman that come from hard nosed, rushing offensive HS programs that can go FORWARDS...
  2. I paid $9 for a beer and $20 to park yesterday. I have never paid such high prices in Lincoln. A failed football program has enormous financial implications throughout the whole state and for years if this continues. USA Today reported a few years back that UNL athletics had revenue of $101m and expenses of $98m; top numbers for the NCAA and one of the few programs that shows a profit. With more conference revenue and the new Adidas deal, the gross revenue today probably approaches $150 million. The top AD staffers and coaches (all sports) probably take 15% of the gross. What the AD knows is that probably about 10-15% of that revenue is in immediate jeopardy if this continues. Although Riley is paid $2m plus, terminating him this season would be a bargain. Turner Gill is the solution. He is winning at Liberty. Liberty beat Baylor. Baylor is better than NIU. Turner's time at Kansas can't be held against him. Nick Saban couldn't win at Kansas. Turmer, of course, has a direct connection to the Glory Days and Dr. Tom. If he can recruit and win at Liberty, then surely he can win at Nebraska. Paying Turner $3m would be appropriate if he can turn the program around. If not Turner, then Joe Mogilia at Coastal Carolina. He could work for the bargain rate of $1 million. One comment to me by a fan yesterday was that he was afraid that the NIU loss looks like the new normal. That, my friends, is a serious danger. Why should I drive miles to Lincoln and sit in the cold when I can stay at my home on the Rez and watch them lose without all of that time and expense? The saddest thing about yesterday is that it looks like the basketball team is better than the football team. How could we have sunk so low? Footnote: Per SCOTUS, Pender is on the Indian reservation although we thought otherwise for decades.
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