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Found 8 results

  1. Last year was a magical year for the Nebrasketball team, but all summer long we were told Petteway would ditch after this year for the NBA, but he still needs to prove a few things. From what i have heard, Walter Pitchford also has intentions of trying to leave for the NBA(possibly after this season). I think most people assume TP is gone, but the WP angle might surprise some. Both guys needed to work on a few things according to NBA scouts. Petteway needs to work on his deep shot and his ball handling skills. Pitch needs to work with his back to the basket. So now,
  2. We all know Miles has 3 spots. Rumors being thrown around out there are that we might have a few hidden gems. Here are a few names that are being thrown around: Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut 1h RT @AdamZagoria: Georgetown transfer Moses Ayegba is looking at LIU, Nebraska, Pepperdine, Indiana, Towson, Indiana St & Wichita State Robin Washut ‏@RobinWashut Apr 5 All signs are pointing to W. Illinois' Jim Molinari joining #Nebrasketball’s staff as its new assistant coach... ($) https://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1628459 … Samuel McKewon ‏@swmckewonOWH 1h Chiles will
  3. I like to think of myself as a true Nebrasketball fan. And so i got to thinking, what has changed to make Nebrasketball in to one of the biggest stories in this state. I apologize, but below is a bit of word vomit-- not as organized as i would like and a bit long to read... But here is why i think Nebraska is having a special year. The easy answer is Tim Miles. And while he is a big part, i think that Tom Osborne and the Administration did a few things to create Nebrasketball into a house hold name.... The biggest question we all asked was "what would come first, the fan support
  4. http://www.huskers.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?&id=981288&catid=0&DB_OEM_ID=100 For those interested, tonight's scrimmage will be streamed. Starting in a few minutes.
  5. Punishment handed down for Biggs DUI last year. Suspended three games (the exhibition and first 2 games) http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/nu-s-biggs-suspended-for-three-games/article_3138edfb-fda9-54f6-958c-446bf2a7149d.html Puts even a greater emphasis on T. Webster being cleared to start the season or we could be looking at a Parker/Peltz combo at point to start. Needed to be done, but makes the opening game, Florida Gulf Coast even more scary.
  6. Interesting article on coaches and statistics on how they are using freshmen in terms of playing time. Miles is mentioned as playing freshmen at a high percentage (some due to rebuilding of course). Would be good for an prospective recruit to see as most want to play right away. --The part about Miles is in the bottom half in the "Minor Details" section http://basketball.realgm.com/article/228847/Freshmen-Playing-Time-Part-2
  7. Nebraska plays host to a 3-3 USC team. They are currently favored by 1.5. Should be a good game. I will be watching at work. Will post updates for those who can't watch the BTN at 7 pm.
  8. Nebraska-Omaha released their schedule yesterday, I believe. I think I mentioned a blurb BC from the LJS had mentioned regarding UNO being invited to the Nebraska Classic, I believe it's called. The two are set to meet 11/18, no time set yet, according to the Mavericks website, omavs.com. Link for the schedule here: http://omavs.com/schedule.aspx?path=mbball
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