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Found 22 results

  1. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2019/2/14/18224994/blake-carringer-fake-recruit-247-rivals-recruiting-rankings Lulz.
  2. So during Mike Riley's tenure we had a big pipeline going with Calabasas, many guys committing and getting excited about Nebraska. Now that pipeline has kind of died but I believe one of our assistant coaches (Held?) was there and reoffered johnny wilson (5 star WR for 2020) and a top oline prospect. I actually have a friend who plays for Calabasas and talks to all the big time recruits and he usually tells me stuff about nebraska and calabasas, even said himself he would love to walk on here if he were offered (he's a 2nd/3rd string guy on calabasas). Basically he told me he's gonna talk to J
  3. Lots of props to Nebraska on the Frost hire, everyone trashes Tennessee for what they did. https://n.rivals.com/news/rivals-roundtable-reacting-to-a-wild-ride-on-the-coaching-carousel
  4. This is a pretty crazy story - a 25-minute Facebook Live putting his brother on blast for a series of recruiting violations. I read in another article that this all stems from the brother (Ibrahim) expressing interest in becoming an agent and possibly representing Mohamed. The video might be for Johnson to get back at his brother for potentially cutting him out. LINK
  5. Which players in the 2017 class have to succeed at Nebraska in order for the class to be considered a success years down the road? This is more than simply ranking the players best to worst, though. Consider the implications of the player's position and recruiting location, and what it will mean to the team's future recruiting efforts if (for example) they pull a highly touted player from the coast but are unable to turn him into a high-caliber player. In no particular order, Avery Roberts, Tyjon Lindsey, and Guy Thomas stand out as players who I think are pretty critical to future su
  6. I see a lot of people out there saying that we don't have the talent on the roster to do anything at all. I'd like to talk about that a bit. Here's some evidence that says we have just as much talent as many teams out there: 2016 Stanford (rank 16, class 26) Avg: 87.17 2016 Nebraska (rank 25, class 21) Avg: 87.07 2016 Michigan (rank 5, class 29) Avg: 89.96 ---- 2016 MSU (rank 18, class 20) Avg: 88.83 2016 Wisconsin (rank 33, class 26) Avg: 85.02 ============================================== 2015 Missouri (rank 23, class 24) Avg: 86.83 2015 Nebraska (rank 30, class 21) Avg:
  7. Since the game I've had this conversation with a couple people and am curious what others think. Did BYU out athlete NU on Saturday? There were certainly times it looked that way. If so, was the recruiting really that bad under Bo? I'm of the opinion that we should EASILY be able to out recruit the likes of the BYU's of the world. If that's the case, its once again, another glaring example of how we should have gotten rid of BP long before we did. Or Are we the better team and it was more the coaching transition, adjusting to the new scheme, young and inexperienced players at a
  8. Started really following recruiting just a few years ago, but keep seeing more stories and updates about 2015 recruiting cycle. I don't recall seeing this much action from an NU staff this early in the process, ever. I think we've seen this staff make considerable strides in recruiting the past two years and I like it. As much as the players are learning the "process," Bo & Co is figuring their end out too. We were behind on the times and often waited too long to enter the picture, IMO, things have changed and it's becoming "Recruit early and recruit often." Thoughts?
  9. Interesting that of the 48 players listed (24 for each team), there were more 2* recruits than 4* recruits. Nine 2* versus eight 4* recruits. (The rest were 3* recruits or unrated.) Just to set the record straight, I'm not one of those who says we should ignore the Rivals and Scout stars when considering talent coming out of high school. But I do think that star ratings are an imperfect tool when it comes to predicting future performance. I guess that's why all the major FBS teams run high school football camps each summer.
  10. (Alternate thread title: Why we recruit out of state so much.) It's shocking how many talented recruits some of the southern states have. I mean, everyone knows about Florida. But who would've thought that the state of Georgia has thirty-six recruits ranked with either 4 or 5 stars. And several times that many three star recruits. Just click on the Rivals link below and search on Georgia and then Florida (and then Nebraska). How could a team like Georgia or Georgia Tech *not* put together a top five class from that? (And how could Georgia get beat by the likes of Nebraska in the G
  11. For all those worried about current Husker commits (including me): coach Riley has been out meeting with NU recruits yesterday and today. LJS reports he's meeting with Lee in Denver tonight. Red Reign on Huskermax posted that Riley is meeting with the Davis twins on Wednesday. Stanley Morgan tweets he talked to some of the staff today. Sean Callahan tweeted that OL Coach Cav talked with Decker. I assume the staff has contacted everyone now, but these are just the tweets and reports that are out now. Mike Riley @Coach_Riley · 3h 3 hours ago First in home visit tonight
  12. [This is a write up, coving the process of the hiring of Nebraska's new head coach] The state of Nebraska was rocked on the morning of November 30th when the news of the firing of the Cornhuskers’ head football coach, Bo Pelini, was released. The big question for the university is who will succeed the Bo Pelini regime. Early on, there are a few options for Shawn Eichorst, the Athletic Director at Nebraska, who will be making a career defining decision in the process. After a few days, the early candidates being mentioned, and that Eichorst will want to contact, include Gary Patterson (HC,
  13. Seeing how we typically don't bring in the extremely flashy, highly reviewed type (based on star ratings and such), is it safe to say that the star system of recruiting is irrelevant to what kind of team we actually have, and will have in the future? I used to get so caught up in the competition side of it, constantly being disappointed by what average star rating of recruits we were bringing in. Not so much anymore. Does it make a huge impact for Nebraska and our success during the season?
  14. I like to think of myself as a true Nebrasketball fan. And so i got to thinking, what has changed to make Nebrasketball in to one of the biggest stories in this state. I apologize, but below is a bit of word vomit-- not as organized as i would like and a bit long to read... But here is why i think Nebraska is having a special year. The easy answer is Tim Miles. And while he is a big part, i think that Tom Osborne and the Administration did a few things to create Nebrasketball into a house hold name.... The biggest question we all asked was "what would come first, the fan support
  15. There's something different. The feeling and mood is different. There's something brewing in Lincoln, Nebraska. They say that in order for someone to change or truly see the light, they have to hit rock bottom first. Bo and his staff hit rock bottom this past year. Nebraska came out in the bowl game and were aggressive, a sight we long urged for. Bo was asked about how to contain Georgia's second half fury, he replied, "we are going to come out and make a statement of our own". That fired me up. That was the honest and candid Bo we all wanted to hear. The same mistakes that reared its
  16. I've never been one to much stock in stars...the thing that bothers me is who we are competing against for most of the talent we do sign. Granted we offer the higher ranked players and compete with the other traditional top schools, we just don't sign any of them. but I can not remember in the past 50 yrs competing against the likes of the schools we do now. What has happened to the Husker brand? Callahan brought the program to its knees, ie... killed the walk on program which is vital to the Husker brand. Couldn't coach x's and o's nor could he hired a staff to handle that aspect. He did how
  17. http://footballrecru...asp?CID=1522467 Honest approach is getting you that many high profile guys, huh? I CALL bullsh#t.
  18. Interesting article on coaches and statistics on how they are using freshmen in terms of playing time. Miles is mentioned as playing freshmen at a high percentage (some due to rebuilding of course). Would be good for an prospective recruit to see as most want to play right away. --The part about Miles is in the bottom half in the "Minor Details" section http://basketball.realgm.com/article/228847/Freshmen-Playing-Time-Part-2
  19. For all those not liking Kentucky football these days. Looks like Kentucky is having their own issue with dismissing of players. http://sportsillustr...l?sct=obnetwork
  20. I found an interesting tidbit in the 'Big Fat Recruiting Update' today from Sam McKewon's article. It's specifically dealing with the differences in how recruits are rated and questions the method to the madness. I've previously posted an in depth post about how I feel about star ratings. Just the same, here's Sam's quote: I for one, think he is absolutely right and think that this validates a couple of points I made on my post on star ratings...namely, reason #2 The Player ratings come from a team effort and reason #5 Star ratings sites rank kids based on who is recruiting them.
  21. It seems that many Nebraska fans are absolutely sold on the star system...I see comment after comment after comment on message boards, via twitter, and other areas of the web where fans complain about not getting enough 4 and 5 star 'talent' to come play for the Huskers. My take on this is that the star system doesn't matter much. I'll provide my reasons below and then I'll provide a link to a very interesting statistical analysis below as well that shows how the star system has been an anomaly for many teams like Nebraska and Kansas State. That link will also offer some evidence that
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