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Found 4 results

  1. I see a lot of people out there saying that we don't have the talent on the roster to do anything at all. I'd like to talk about that a bit. Here's some evidence that says we have just as much talent as many teams out there: 2016 Stanford (rank 16, class 26) Avg: 87.17 2016 Nebraska (rank 25, class 21) Avg: 87.07 2016 Michigan (rank 5, class 29) Avg: 89.96 ---- 2016 MSU (rank 18, class 20) Avg: 88.83 2016 Wisconsin (rank 33, class 26) Avg: 85.02 ============================================== 2015 Missouri (rank 23, class 24) Avg: 86.83 2015 Nebraska (rank 30, class 21) Avg: 86.17 2015 Michigan (rank 37, class 14) Avg: 87.81 ---- 2015 MSU (rank 22, class 21) Avg: 87.70 2015 Wisconsin (rank 40, class 19) Avg: 85.31 ============================================== 2014 Michigan (rank 20, class 26) Avg: 82.25 2014 Nebraska (rank 36, class 25) Avg: 84.72 2014 USC (rank 10, class 26) Avg: 86.80 ---- 2014 MSU (rank 25, class 22) Avg: 86.71 2014 Wisconsin (rank 33, class 27) Avg: 83.98 ============================================== 2013 Nebraska (rank 22, class 24) Avg: 86.55 2013 Ole Miss (rank 8, class 30) Avg: 87.85 2013 Michigan (rank 4, class 35) Avg: 86.22 ---- 2013 MSU (rank 35, class 19) Avg: 85.60 2013 Wisconsin (rank 38, class 23) Avg: 83.30 ============================================== 2012 Nebraska (rank 30, class 17) Avg: 87.73 2012 Michigan (rank 6, class 34) Avg: 85.17 2012 Notre Dame (rank 18, class 18) Avg: 88.54 ---- 2012 MSU (rank 33, class 23) Avg: 83.86 2012 Wisconsin (rank 65, class 14) Avg: 82.98 ============================================== So, as you can see from the above, I've included Michigan..who many are saying will sweep the B1G this year, as a comparison team. I've then looked for another team that was close to our average star rating for each year. I've gone back to 2012 since a redshirt that year would put Senior year as 2016. What does this tell us? It tells us that Nebraska averaged more stars than Michigan in 2012, 2013, and 2014. It was a push in 2015. In 2016, the Jimmy H effect kicked in. So Michigan has out recruited us 1 year since 2012 with average rating of the classes. To me, this is a clear indication that Nebraska has just as much talent on their rosters as many ranked well above them in the composite 247 yearly rankings. Please discuss and let me know what you think? EDIT: Mav posted a good point. See the following below: As saunders just posted in another thread, we were #24 in the country last year in terms of talent on the roster (according to how they were ranked as high school prospects). Michigan State was #23, Miami was #20 and UCLA was #16. All the rest of our opponents were ranked lower than us with Wisconsin at #39 being the closest. That is taking into account attrition. It doesn't take into account development but that happens everywhere to some extent. No idea how you would even begin to compare that. EDIT Number 2: Added MSU and Wisconsin for comparison. Will go back through and make sure to double check everything in the next few hours. EDIT Number 3: Verified accuracy of all numbers and updated.
  2. Interesting article on coaches and statistics on how they are using freshmen in terms of playing time. Miles is mentioned as playing freshmen at a high percentage (some due to rebuilding of course). Would be good for an prospective recruit to see as most want to play right away. --The part about Miles is in the bottom half in the "Minor Details" section http://basketball.realgm.com/article/228847/Freshmen-Playing-Time-Part-2
  3. For all those not liking Kentucky football these days. Looks like Kentucky is having their own issue with dismissing of players. http://sportsillustr...l?sct=obnetwork
  4. With three of the top 50 2012 High School Seniors comitted to NU, and 4 of the top 25 Underclassmen to Watch already pledging to the Huskers, Coach Cook shows he can still bring in top talent. Kelsey Fien 2012 Senior 6-3 OH Frontier (Bakersfield, Calif.) Bakersfield VBC Nebraska Lauren Sieckmann *graduated December 2011 and is already on the team 2012 Senior 5-10 S Elkhorn (Neb.) South Nebraska Jrs. Nebraska Alexa Strange 2012 Senior 5-11 S-Opp. San Clemente (Calif.) Coast VBC Nebraska Kelly Hunter 2012 Junior 5-11 S-Opp. Papillion La Vista South (Neb.) Junior Nebraska Jrs. Nebraska Kira Larson 2012 Junior 6-3 MB Fargo (N.D.) North, Northwoods Junior Black Ice Nebraska Amber Rolfzen *will graduate in December 2012 2012 Junior 6-3 OH Papillion (Neb.) Junior La Vista South Nebraska Jrs. Nebraska Kadie Rolfzen *will graduate in December 2012 2012 Junior 6-3 OH Papillion (Neb.) Junior La Vista South Nebraska Jrs. Nebraska I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the majority of games the girls from PLV South played over the past few years. If the twins live up to their potential...wow.
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