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Found 4 results

  1. "You look at [the candidates'] individual strengths and then you look at what it appears the program needs, and the greatest concern to me was defense-- the ability to stop people." -Tom Osborne, introducing Bo Pelini on December 1, 2007. Statistically, Bo has had two very good seasons defensively in seven years. Here are the top contributors to those teams. Players in bold play(ed) in the NFL and players in red started at least one NFL game. 2009 (Rankings: 7th total, 1st scoring), 10 NFL players. Suh Crick Compton Hagg Gomes Asante Dennard Prince Dillard Turner Allen Fisher West 2010 (Rankings: 11th total, 9th scoring), 7 NFL Players Crick Dennard David Compton Hagg Prince Gomes Meredith Steinkuhler Moore Allen Cassidy Thenarse Here are the other five seasons: 2008 (Rankings: 55th total, 80th scoring) 2011 (Rankings: 40th total, 50th scoring) 2012 (Rankings: 35th total, 58th scoring) 2013 (Rankings: 40th total, 50th scoring) 2014 (Rankings: 41st total, 41st scoring) In other words, the only time a Pelini defense broke the top 30 in either of the two important categories was when over half of his starting defenders were future NFL players. In the other five years, his average ranking was 42nd in total defense and 56th in scoring defense. His best in those five was 35th in total and 41st in scoring (this year, having faced only two top 40 offenses: MSU and Wisconsin). Bo's average ranks with all seven seasons is: 33rd, 41st Here are some other numbers for comparison. Cosgrove: 2004 (Rankings: 56th total, 71st scoring) 2005 (Rankings: 26th total, 25th scoring) 2006 (Rankings: 56th total, 24th scoring) 2007 (Rankings: 112th total, 114th scoring) Avg.: 63th, 59th Bohl: 2000 (Rankings: 26th total, 26th scoring) 2001 (Rankings: 8th total, 6th scoring) 2002 (Rankings: 55th total, 45th scoring) Avg.: 30th, 26th
  2. I remember at one time, the team used to track how many Dlinemen they "pancake blocked". If I recall correctly, the commentators of the Alamo Bowl in 2000 vs Northwestern said that the starting Nebraska line during that year tracked them and each of them "averaged 7 pancake blocks per game". I'm wondering if we still track that and if we do, how close we are to that. Anyone know?
  3. My dad made this graph, and is asking his friends and family to decipher it. Winner gets first in line for our Thanksgiving meal (which is kind of a big deal!). You guys got any ideas? I'm thinking it has something to do with sacks, but could be way off. The winner that gets it on this board will get a +1 from me! Ready.......Go! 2011 2012
  4. We're not in the top 50 in most penalties or most penalty yards. And in every efficiency stat on offense (Yards per play passing, rushing, qb rating, etc) we're in the top 30 and might be top 20, I'd have to re-look...
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