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Found 3 results

  1. Figured I'd get a thread going in case there are folks that are interested in Destiny 2. Console released last Wednesday (and already topped 1.5m concurrent users per NeoGAF), PC drops next month. Personally, I haven't finished the single player story just yet (towards the end) but things really open up once you hit Level 20 (e.g. you can get sparrow/ship drops, bright engrams, shader drops). There's also some new Exotics (e.g. Rat King, a handgun that gives stackable damage buffs to the entire party) as well as some old favorites (e.g. MIDA Multi-tool, Hard Light...which really isn't a favorite, but it's solid). Anyway, if you're interested in meeting up for raids/strikes/nightfall/fun, go ahead and post your system of choice, your XBL/PSN/Blizzard.net username, your clan name (if applicable and they're looking) and what you're looking for (e.g. 'Need help with Vault of Glass raid', 'General Fun and Shenanigans', 'Playing Soccer at the Farm'). PSN/XBL: Matthew_M_G (XBL) Clan: A Covfefe of the Minds (Looking for adults/professionals into gaming--we don't have 20-30 hours a week to grind) Needs: Everything--clan XP, Raids, Strikes, Nightfall (probably as soon as this weekend--getting everyone leveled up/through story)
  2. Note: This is all rumor, and I want to know if anyone has heard anything similar or read anything that substantiates what I've heard. --- I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in Rumorville, but I've been hearing that the Big Ten is looking at two or four schools for expansion, currently from the SEC, ACC, and/or Big East, and that the catalyst for all of this change is the current Big East TV deal being up this year. --- The scuttlebutt is that if the Big East puts their contract out for bid instead of re-upping with ESPN (like the majority of Big East schools want), that some of the Big East schools may defect to the ACC (to pump them up to 12, 14, or 16, depending) or Big 10. Schools that are supposedly looking around include, but aren't limited to, Maryland, Rutgers, Pitt, Miami, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Missouri The idea behind all this is that the time for Big East schools to leave is when the TV deal is out for bid, and the ACC would like to add two schools to secure their football and basketball futures...and possibly fill vacancies. I say vacancies, because there are certain football-centric schools in the ACC that still hate their latest TV deal and are worried about being out-recruited in Florida by the whole of the SEC. This is because the SEC, to a school, earning upwards of $10 million/year more than FSU (or Miami). If you recall, this was FSU's primary concern and reason for looking for a new home (the Big XII-II), and Miami, Clemson, and Georgia Tech share similar concerns, even though they're not as vocal about it. Short of these unhappy ACC schools joining the SEC (won't ever happen), the next best conference for them to join is the B1G, hands down, and this plays into Delaney's cryptic comments pre-Nebraska announcement of watching population trends and needing more southern exposure. --- As for Big East schools, Rutgers was a rumored target before (mainly because the BTN still doesn't have a presence in the NE, and this move may give them that), and Pitt was almost as bad as Missouri insofar as being the spaz at the back of the class jumping up and down asking to be picked. --- And Missouri...well...supposedly the pro-SEC boosters are finally seeing the err of their way and are still more than receptive to a B1G invite. I grant this one is a stretch, as Missouri just got done paying their Big XII-II penalty, and they'll incur another $25 million penalty to leave the SEC...that, in addition to having money withheld to buy into the BTN investment (just like we are currently), and their program may be more broke than Colorado's, but with a bigger upside down the road, of course. --- I guess some of this comes from Barry's latest comments about super-conferences and that these conferences should break from the NCAA and become their own tier of football? There's been some play in the media about this, and it makes me think that if the SEC, Pac-12 (that wanted to go to 14 or 16), B1G, Big XII-II, and ACC load up, this could very well happen. So, if you have any thoughts or have anything to collaborate what I'm hearing, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. An interesting article from Penn State blogger Ryan Murphy about the BTN and how its role, now that it's available across the nation, could grow in importance significantly for everyone following these schools: Right now, Tier 3 games may be stuff like Arkansas State or Southern Miss this year, that if ABC/ESPN does not pick up, the BTN gets. ABC/ESPN gets both Tier 1 and 2 currently, but the media contracts are up in 2014-2015 or so, which means the planning will be happening soon, if not already. But this also feeds into something I've touched on before--the need for television 'inventory', if you will, or the number of games the BTN can show to expand its importance and audience (and thus, ad revenues and DoNU's coffers). The only way to expand beyond current inventory is to...well...expand. And the article surmises that... Which kind of rolls nicely into my point about FSU and the Big 10--FSU to the Big 10 would provide the BTN lucrative Florida media markets, and an expansion of the role the BTN plays would help generate significant revenue increases for the conference members, and enough to help a certain panhandle school in Florida fight back against the whole of the SEC that keeps undercutting them on talent and facilities. There's a lot more to read at the Nittany Lions Den on this subject, including author Ryan Murphy's thoughts on what the Big 10 should do if the ACC melts down.
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