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Found 11 results

  1. I am needing 3 tickets (2 tickets may work) for the CU game this year. My son and I will be going for sure and my wife would also like to go but she realizes 3 tickets can be tricky sometimes. I know I’m starting early but we’re making the trip regardless so would rather have tickets in hand when we get to Lincoln. Please PM me if you can help out. Get me hooked up and I’ll buy ya a beer too Thanks.
  2. I am looking for 4 tickets to the Minnesota game
  3. Hello, my dad and I are coming to the great city of Lincoln for this weekends game between the Gophers and Huskers. We are looking to buy tickets in section 30 row 44. I wanted to know before we buy if those tickets are obstructed from anything, we saw that there are poles blocking the view but is there anything else we should know about? Thanks in advance and sorry if this is the wrong forum for this type of question. I can't wait for the game and it should be a good one!
  4. In need of 3 Minnesota vs Nebraska tickets!!
  5. I have two tickets for sale for the Southern Miss game. Section 3, row 12, seats 14 & 15. They're right on the 20-yard-line and are so close you can practically hear Bo Pelini shouting. Only reason we're not going is that we have an illness in the family and can't attend. Call/text me at (402) 310-6343. Thanks, Chris
  6. Hey everyone. I'm looking for three to five tickets to the Iowa game that are together. Wanting to take my daughter to her first game while we're back home for Thanksgiving. Thanks!
  7. What the title says. As long as you wear red and cheer loud, they're free. -Josh
  8. I didn't see anything on the boards about this yet (sorry if I overlooked), but the Big 10 is rolling out a new ticket reservation system called TeamTix for the Big 10 title game. Big Ten TeamTix Link Apparently you put $10/ticket down as a reservation per seat, and later this season, if you want your seat, you pay the remainder and you know you have a seat. If you don't want it (or you don't think your team will make it), you just forfeit the $10 reservation per seat and the ticket goes back up for sale. This way, you don't have to worry about unloading unwanted tickets or taking a hit when unloading them (save for the $10/seat charge). Wanted to see what you all thought about this. Tickets go on sale tomorrow with this system, btw. I plan on reserving a few for my family, as I'm always the optimist.
  9. Hey looking to buy two to four Iowa hawkeye tickets, Preferbally in east or west stadium, anybody have some up for sell.
  10. A pair of Iowa-born Husker fans recently relocated to Denver looking to come back to spend the holiday with family and catch at least one game this year. Hoping to not spend too much - will take as nosebleed as they get. Thanks! -Brad
  11. I think I originally posted this in the wrong section and it got deleted. My apologies to the administrators. Front row seats... Hello Nebraska fans. I am a Gopher season ticket holder. I have 9 seats for the Minn-Neb football game in section 110. (5 seats in ROW 1 -seats 20-24, and 4 in ROW 2 - seats 21-24 ). That's FRONT ROW, 50 YARD LINE AISLE seats right behind the husker bench. I also have 2 tailgate lot parking passes for lot C51 (two blocks west of the stadium on 4th street). Looking to sell, but I want to sell them ALL and not be left with any single tickets, so I would rather not sell them in small groups. Ideally I would like to sell them all to one buyer, but I would be open to 2 groups. If I go that route, I would offer one group of 5 front row seats with a parking pass. Another package of 4 of the second row seats and a parking pass. Seats in this section are selling for $500 in higher up rows and without parking passes. Any interest? Make me an offer. I am not a ticket broker. My friends and I have had these seats since TCF Bank stadium opened. We sit here for every game. You will see us on TV today if you watch the NDSU-MINN game on Big Ten network tonight. We would have to work out some sort of paypal situation, with the tickets sent by some sort of certified mail/tracking. But I would be open to a cash/pickup situation. Let me know if there is any interest. Currently posted on Stub Hub for $350.
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