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***The Nebraska Defense - Blackshirts 2023***

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On 8/24/2023 at 5:58 PM, admo said:

I am excited but a bit concerned with the 3-3-5 defense.  I watch a lot of TCU games and that's their philosophy too.  I think we hold up well with them.  The 3-3-5 requires athleticism and speed and incoporates some confusion.  But, it requires the safeties/rover/corners to help with tackling and play closer to the line.  In the past, that is the last thing the secondary wanted to do well at.  So I am hopeful that this years coaches have the fellas onboard with playing physical all game, and not just during a drive or two.  They will be highly pivotal in helping the defense with the run game with the linebackers.  


I think TCU finished around 70th in run defense last year, and that's with guys who already knew how to play in the system.  Yikes.


But also, Colorado will play TCU (3-3-5) the week before us (again 3-3-5) and I think it will give them a slightly better edge for it.  


If the secondary (back 5) gets gased during a game, big plays will happen.  Also, teams will run 4 verticals to open it up and also try to run the edges (off tackle).  


It's certainly going to be exciting to watch and see how the Blackshirts do this year with this type of defense.  They definitely have the speed and athleticism for it.  And I believe they will be good to great early on.  Could be different when they are trailing by more than one score.  I like our secondary this year, and our linebackers.  The line seems to be good too.  Depth and big chunk plays could be a concern.



Read an article today where Rhule had talked about his talks with TO and TO talking about having a system that was unique that only allowed opposing teams 1-2 days to prepare.  Rhule said TO was talking about the O, but Rhule likened it to the 3-3-5.  Not a lot of teams use it, so it's not like DC's will be preparing week in and week out for it.  NC State and Iowa St run the same D and were ranked in top 20 last year...Hope it does make it harder for teams to scheme against us.

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