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** 2023 Opponent Preview : Louisiana Tech (Game 4) **

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HuskerOnline: Louisiana Tech Spring Review

Allen: “Tech is probably going to need a performance like they had in the mid-90s from Troy Edwards and Tim Rattay.” 

In Nebraska’s 1998 season opener, the duo combined for 405 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Edwards’ mark is still the NCAA record for receiving yards in a single game. The Huskers’ went on to win 56-27 in Frank Solich’s first game as head coach.

Allen:“The Nebraska fans stood up and cheered when they were going to the locker room. But, they’re probably going to need a performance like that to stick with the Huskers I would expect.”

“I’m as anxious as anyone to see how they would have developed by then. By then, Tech would have played three home games. Their one away game is the second week of the season at SMU so they’ll already have a taste of playing on the road against a nationally known school.

“These guys have played Clemson last year. They’ve played in these big venues before so I don’t think being at Nebraska will be a big deal. It’s just whether or not they’ve figured out how to be better than 3-9 by then.”

2023 win-loss expectation for Louisiana Tech

Allen: “I’m going to look for them to win half their games. There are some new people in the conference this year, New Mexico State, Liberty, Sam Houston State and Jacksonville State, that none of us have seen.”

“But I would think that by mid-season around the Nebraska game, I would expect this bunch to have it figured out by then. (They’d) go at least 6-6 or 7-5 and get back in a bowl.”



More to come...

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On 8/27/2023 at 3:13 PM, Hooked on Huskers said:

In offense, #6 (Smoke) was mostly a one man show ..... I hope proper tackling skills in game #4


Panthers .... only 4 yards passing for the entire game :o.  Total yards: LT 450, FIU 182


Final score, 22 to 17

Only 22 points to show for 450 yards of offense. Wonder if their issues were turn overs or inability to score TD’s in the red zone?

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Well now that the Huskers have actually shown they can control a game and roundly beat a team with inferior talent, I am cautiously hopeful that the same can be done. They do throw a lot which is relatively a weaker area for our defense as opposed to our lockdown rushing defense, but I think a similar result to what we saw against Northern Illinois is very doable. Again, it's going to come down to basic fundamentals of holding onto the ball and playing disciplined, which of course has been our struggle for 20 years, so I'm not going to be super confident just yet. But I feel a little more comfortable than last week.

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18 minutes ago, 87skers said:

Weather isn’t looking too good for the game Saturday. Still a few days out obviously but hoping it doesn’t get delayed bc of lightning….we all know how that went last time it happened! 

Decent chance of severe weather in Lincoln but they are on the western edge of the bad stuff- should move out of the area by early evening so worst case the game gets delayed several hours, not days or weeks.  

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