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** 2023 Opponent Preview : Michigan State (Game 9) **

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HuskerOnline: Michigan State Spring Review

If Michigan State plays up to its potential and stays healthy, Comparoni thinks they could win seven games. However, with their very difficult schedule, they could be a better team than the record reflects. Comparoni said there are a few key pieces that the Spartans need to exceed to help this team beat at least one of their most difficult opponents. He said those four are Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Washington. First, Kim must be a solid QB who stays healthy all season. Next, Comparoni thinks the offensive line should be pretty good, but they must uphold those expectations. “There’s some good veteran proven players at center, left guard and an up-and-coming player at right guard and good competition at tackle,” he said. “And they’re playing together as a unit. Increasingly, at the end of last season and in the spring, you saw some good things there. So the offensive line should be good.” With the loss of Coleman, Tre Mosley is the only receiver with more than 30 receptions in 2022. Coleman had 58 and Jayden Reed had 55 receptions. So Comparoni isn’t sure how good the wide receiver group will be.

“So you got a new quarterback, a lot of unproven wide receivers and a good offensive line,” Comparoni said. “And if the quarterback stays healthy and ends up being as good as the coaches think he can be. And if the defense doesn’t have injuries, like it did last year, I do think that I think that Michigan State has good talent. I think the front seven defensively is an overall plus. In comparison to the rest of the Big Ten, I think they’re good there.

“If those things come around, maybe Michigan State can win one of those four games,” Comparoni said of their top four most-difficult games.” However, he’s guessing the Spartans will go 6-6 this upcoming season. The SpartanMag.com publisher thinks the 6-6 record would still be moving the program upward, especially with the difficult schedule.




Athlon Sports: #52 Michigan State Preview

Michigan State couldn't build off an 11-2 record and No. 9 finish in 2021 last season, as the program regressed to 5-7 and just three wins in Big Ten play. Hopes of a return to a winning mark took a hit in the spring with the transfer of quarterback Payton Thorne and receiver Keon Coleman. If coach Mel Tucker's squad is going to return to the postseason, the Spartans need a big year from Noah Kim at quarterback and marked improvement on defense. 





CollegeFootballNews: Michigan State Preview & Prediction

It’s not time to panic … yet. The 2021 Michigan State team wasn’t as good as the 11-2 record would indicate, and the 2022 team managed to grind and fight much more than the 5-7 record might indicate. And no matter what, Mel Tucker is the guy for a while thanks to his 10-year, $95 million deal.

Michigan State's head coach now has a 23-21 career record - 18-14 with the Spartans struggled during his stint as the Chicago defensive coordinator in the mid-2010s, and despite doing a wonderful job helping out the amazing Alabama and Georgia defenses after his run with the Bears, his Spartan Ds have ranged between mediocre and totally miserable. 101st in the nation last year, 110th overall and dead last in college football in pass defense in 2021, and 54th overall in his first season - which he gets a free pass for in the 2020 COVID year. And he has a bowl win in his first three years - you'll see in a moment why that's a big plus in his favor.





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39 minutes ago, gobiggergoredder said:

If this pans out it could be a gift for the MSU program.  That huge contract was a major mistake.

I was hoping Tuck would be a lifelong coach, just so MSU fans would be miserable. 

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I'm guessing she spoke at Michigan state also.  If this truly went down the way we have heard so far.  Mel Tucker is massive idiot.  You don't sexually assault a sexual assault survivor that you invited to speak to your team about sexual assault.  This just seems.....off.  OR he really is truly that much of a massive idiot.



I don't want to be that guy, but I would love to see the timing of all of this.  Did this alleged event happen before or after Michigan state realized they made a massive 100 million dollar mistake?



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