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** 2023 Opponent Preview : Iowa (Game 12) **

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6 minutes ago, Packerhuskerfan said:

The Hawkeyes offense embraces the suck and don't try to be something they are not.  They don't make a lot of mistakes.  Their defense and special teams are stellar.  They have the best punter in the country and we have a shanker.  I see a 13-10 Hawkeyes win.

See i think your wrong here.  Weve been losing to teams who have been losing,  Since iowa has been winning i think we will win.  

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On 11/19/2023 at 4:47 AM, Stone Cold said:

I need to have some type of intelectial conversation with someone on how this team keeps winning.  It baffles me every week, week in week out how they manage to scrape by on wins.  They never just own there opponent, they just barely win.  

Hidden yards, turnover battle, and they simply do not beat themselves.   They make you drive to score, very few big plays given up.  The hidden yards, and overall special teams, continue to have more of an effect on games than most realize.

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Since both of these teams are abysmal on offense and pretty stout on defense you would think it will be a low scoring game. Therefore this game will be weird and somehow this will turn into a 42-35 with all kinds of offense. Does it make sense? No, but either does either of these programs right now!

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