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New B1G Scheduling Model

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I predict Nebraska gets a favorable opponent schedule.

My 9 team schedule guess. Hope others will post their guess also!!


The Power Matchups: Money Maker Matchups (2)

  • either USC or UCLA for sure but not both.
  • either tOSU or PSU for sure.

Because Conference Opponents: Regional reward for having to travel to both coasts. (4)

  • Maryland,
  • Indiana,
  • MSU,
  • Illinois, 

Protected Rivalry: Local and Past rivalry growth. also a natural rival between Fickle and Rhule as the 2 new faces (3)

  • Iowa,
  • Minn,
  • Wisky 
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58 minutes ago, Red Five said:

Flex model. Schools will have 1, 2, or 3 rivals. Also we’re just getting teams, no dates yet.


Nebraska will probably just have Iowa.




The Big Ten can't turn their back on The Freedom Trophy with Wisconsin. It's a big deal!



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2 hours ago, GSG said:


The Big Ten can't turn their back on The Freedom Trophy with Wisconsin. It's a big deal!



I’ve said it before, but we should have taken the Heros trophy we just won over Iowa and dumped it into the Missouri River on the way home from Iowa City.  Same thing if we ever win the Freedom trophy.

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4 hours ago, Saunders said:

Based on previous B1G scheduling history, we'll probably get the following.





Michigan State

Ohio State

Penn State





Don't worry. It will all even out eventually(said every other B1G team)!   

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In a more readable format:


Illinois - Northwestern, Purdue

Indiana - Purdue

Iowa - Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin

Maryland - Rutgers

Michigan - Michigan State, Ohio State

Michigan State - Michigan

Minnesota - Iowa, Wisconsin

Nebraska - Iowa

Northwestern - Illinois

Ohio State - Michigan

Purdue - Illinois, Indiana

Rutgers - Maryland



Wisconsin - Iowa, Minnesota

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