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2023 Fall Camp Notes - Running Backs

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5 minutes ago, Mavric said:


I didn't get to watch the first half and Rahmir was in street clothes in the second half.  What was the deal there?


I am not sure.  Watched the game about 2 hours behind and fast forwarded between plays so wasn't really listening to commentary (although I don't think the FS1 crew had a sideline reporter there to find out what was wrong).

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19 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:

I really hope the freshmen have been working their asses off in practice instead of thinking they wouldn't play much this year.


Rhule and Co were very proud of their double practice schedule and how many reps every player was getting. First day of fall camp cued up:






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1 minute ago, gobiggergoredder said:

They were the 4-5 running backs.  Now they are the 2-3.  Buckle up.  Game time.


Reality is Grant is going to become a workhorse.

I had forgotten that Emmitt has been here for a year.  He should be more developed and ready to go.


Yes, Grant is going to be the work horse for at least this first game.  But, I expect Emmitt to be serviceable.  Problem is, after this week, we need more than "serviceable".  

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On 9/18/2023 at 4:27 PM, Husker in WI said:

This is a bad example of getting north/south, but no other RB we have makes this cut, or finishes quite like that. And his TD run (17:14 in the video) had some great patience. I'm not super concerned about the fumbling moving forward - it's just the depth that is now totally gone.



@Husker in WI, I pulled this over from the "Triaging the QB Room" thread to here.


Totally agree with the bold. And I think it's a good example of how badly our team (or any team) needs a good running back.


The blocking on that particular play is actually good. But if a different back doesn't flow with the line and cut through the right lane and gets tackled, a lot here would decry "bad run blocking." A good running back does wonders, it's not just about having a two yard chasm on any given play for a back to just stroll through in order to have a good ground game.

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