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2023 CFB Locks of the Weak

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College Football Weekly Picks. 


Here's how to participate.
1. Check the spread and the Over/Under
2. Pick 3 games that are guaranteed Lock picks (winners).  Puff up your chest and post them each week.  
3. Update your weekly results and overall record.
4. Repeat each week.
5. Enjoy your results.  Or not lol

6. Fun for the whole family...:w00t


Let's do this starting week 1; Meaning Thursday, August 31st through Monday September 4th.



We always pick 3.  Just 3 games.  But sometimes we like 4 or 5 games and can't decide.  Locks be like that sometimes.


This year we will continue the tradition of 3 games (that's all you have to do).  But, you can add one BONUS pick for a 4th game.  And it will count against your record, if you are feeling like a risk taker and you have that 4th LOCK.  Just put your 4th pick down titled "BONUS"


Like I said, Fun for the whole family.  


PS.  If you just seeing this and missed out the first week or two, the answer is yes you can still dive in and play.  Probably be a good idea to go with 6 games a week instead of 3 until you catch up.  Nothing wrong with that.  


So let's go and pick those winners!!!! (LOCKS LOCKS LOCKS!) - And talk some awesome smack !!! chuckleshuffle

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  • admo changed the title to 2023 CFB Locks of the Weak

Okay :facepalm:

So when I picked LaTech I apparently was on drugs. Didn’t look any closer, thought they were playing some podunk Flint school so figured that was a slam dunk. Didn’t realize it was actually FIU. Makes sense now FL INT. I could beg for mercy but I’ll take the L for being stupid and greedy.


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I’ll post my bets I made yesterday when I drove across state lines so you can all tell me I’m an idiot come December


Illinois to win B1G West +550

Penn St to win B1G CCG +600

Illinois over 6.5 wins -118

Wisconsin under 8.5 wins +118

Utah over 8.5 wins +110

Kentucky over 7.5 wins +118


Nebraska +7.5 vs MN -110

Neb/MN under 44.5 -115


Alabama to win NC +600
LSU to win NC +1200

Jayden Daniels to win Heisman & LSU to win NC +4500



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On 8/27/2023 at 4:11 PM, Red Five said:

Nebraska +7.5 vs MN -110

Neb/MN under 44.5 -115


After Minny tied it at 10, I was expecting the game to go to overtime where

- both teams would score TDs on their first possession

- Minnesota scores a TD on their second possession

- Nebraska to throw a pick 6 on their second possession

- Final score would be 31-17 Minnesota and both bets would lose


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