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What did we learn

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2 minutes ago, ZRod said:

#1 Husker fans are the worst. It's game one of the first season. Defense did pretty well, and they've been a huge liability for the last 5 to 10 years. 


#2 Rhule & Co are absolute fools for letting Casey go, and even more foolish for thinking Sims was some kind of answer. You have a decent passer back there tonight and this game is 35 to 3 or 42 to 10

Spot on for the #1 and thank you for saying it.


#2- Tough to say, we dont have a trey palmer on this team.  Not sure how great casey would've looked either.  

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That the fans are actually the losers for showing up to every game the last 10 years of misery. 
The football team gets participation trophies 7 times each year with a sold out stadium. Win or lose, they think they’re special. If you tell an ugly person they’re beautiful enough, they’ll eventually believe it. Nebraska football is evidence. 

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Sims stares down his #1 option (potentially only option before he scrambles) we saw this twice in interceptions. We once saw it work on a 3rd down conversion pass to Rahmir Johnson that I could not believe worked after Sims watched the back of his numbers from his left side all the way until he delivered the pass 6 yards downfield.

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Who the f#&% thought Jeff sims was better than Casey thompson?



sims will be a one and done me thinks. Can only run. Doesn’t have the ability to read and ready and his arm is terrible. 

Satterfield was pretty awful but sims made him look worse. Grant doesn’t have it between the ears to play. 

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