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Do you think gamecock fans were correct about Marcus Satterfield?

Were gamecock fans correct about Satterfield?   

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Satterfield had a bad first game. 


1. We were winning a grind it out game when he decided to increase passing in the 2nd half. One drive we threw 3 straight times and gave the ball right back to MN.


2. Calling plays to keep Sims in the pocket plays to Sims weakness. Sims is not a pocket passer and does not see the field well in the pocket 


3. Poor play calling in the red zone.

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Offense is gonna be a a “Year 0” type of experience all season. Satt had shown flashes of good and flashes of bad. Then you surrounded him with an offensive staff who has very little experience at this level (Most Experienced is Martin who was a HS OC last year). We opted for the grow and develop route, as opposed to the “win-now” type of staff that Wisconsin put together. 

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I guess I'll be the dissenter in this thread too.


Based on simply the play calls, I thought it was fine.

  • Before the fire drill at the end of first half, that was a TD.
  • On the FG drive, the play called dead on the false start, from about the 5 yard line, looked good to score or at least get them down to the 1.
  • Then that early fourth quarter sequence,, I've seen some complain about, was there. Somehow the big strong QB limp wristed the pass. Next play, receiver wide open in the middle and pass gets tipped.

Now depending on if Satterfield was responsible for the following, his GPA drops for me.

  • The end of half fire drill was completely unnecessary. 30 seconds left, inside the 1, 1 timeout. Couldn't understand why the TO wasn't used there. Settle everyone down. Run the Jalen Hurts QB sneak for 6. Leave 20 seconds on the clock for UMs inept offense. If by some miracle Sims gets stopped, next play was already called during timeout (run it again or spike to stop clock).
  • Understanding the capabilities of the personnel. If there was indicators of Sim's passing being that bad, then yes, needed to call better situation plays (I doubt he/staff thought Sims would be THAT poor). Then of course the idea of having a known fumbler in a crucial part of the game was a major miss. 

All in all, I thought player mistakes at crucial times were more the culprit on offense than the play calling. 


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