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How did the refs miss the offsides on the Gophers' scoring play ?

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2 minutes ago, Hilltop said:

With 4 turnovers it doesn't matter if the refs miss a call or two.  Also, as was pointed out above, that likely doesn't change the play call by Minnesota or the outcome.  


Well had they called that False Start on the LT that play wouldn't have been a TD. May have got it on the next play but that one would have been called dead.

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Just now, Packerhuskerfan said:

They missed our TD before the half and just didn't think there was enough evidence to overturn as well.  It is what it is.  If we had 1 or 2 less turnovers or the defense doesn't drop that last INT opportunity the Cornhuskers win the game anyways.  The refs could help, but Nebraska is still its own worst enemy.


That's the killer.  He doesn't drop that it game over. We gave them another shot. They didn't miss.

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26 minutes ago, Loebarth said:

I hate that I can say this but I've said it time and again. Nebraska is not officiated fairly by B1G officials. How many more video evidences are needed before all you nay sayers actually realize the truth. In every big 10 game we are playing against both the opponent and the officials. 


B1G refs aren't biased against Nebraska.  B1G refs are just bad against both teams, you just remember the calls that go against Nebraska.


A play or 2 before the Minny TD, there was a probably pass interference as well as a roughing the passer which was missed.

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