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Matt Rhule sucks

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2 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

Stupid thread. 

Any reasonable fan would have concerns with rhule after this game. Will he turn it around? Maybe but our offense is not prepared. We have 10 turnovers in two games, our offense looks awful, still have false starts. We just got blown out by Colorado. You know, the team that 90% of husker fans marked as an easy win (except me).  It's how we're losing. 

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3 minutes ago, TGHusker said:

Agreed.  Needs time to rebuild with his players 

He's recruited 52 High School players and only 10 are 4*s. The QB of the future isn't currently on the roster. The influx of talent isn't there. 


It's an absolutely massive failure, and this with the easiest schedule Nebraska will have for the foreseeable future.

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1 minute ago, SECHusker said:


Not ready to say he sucks but I wouldn't blame the current players for some of these issues. And remember Sims is his guy.

Takes more than one to rebuild. But to you point Sims is a big miss for sure

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10 minutes ago, TGHusker said:

Agreed.  Needs time to rebuild with his players 

Sims is his most "his player" guy on the roster, lol.

I know Rhules' track record at Temple and Baylor. I don't see development or priority in the right areas. No one can say how his tenure will ultimately go, but an analysis of how this team plays, Rhules' decision to bring in Sims, and being 0-2 in two of our easiest games points a very bleak trajectory. 

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