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Triaging the QB room


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First if you're coming with a hair on fire emotional take post it in another thread.  Let's talk football.  What do you do if you're Rhule?  The overwhelming problem with this team at this point is obviously the QB room.  Can it be fixed?  


Casey Thompson has sailed so that's out.


Sims obviously has a lot of talent but unfortunately that's more than offset by his ball security issues.  He's basically Andrian Martinez but even more a liability especially in the shotgun.  


The problem is his backups aren't it either. There's a reason they're not starting at a P5 school somewhere.  Haarberg was wildly inaccurate on his attempts today.  He had a receiver open over the middle on one throw and sailed it a good ten feet over the receiver's head.  He made Sims look accurate by comparison.  Chubba hasn't shown much either from limited play.  The coaches are pros and as much as everyone wants to rage on them at this point there's a reason they saw Sims as the number one coming out of camp.  His ceiling as far as talent is high.  I think the coaches thought they could coach the mistakes out him when they brought him in from G. Tech.  Maybe they were a little over confident in the QB whisperering skills.  


All that said can you continue on with Sims anymore? 


Do you go under center with Sims and pair down the play book?  He'd still be a liability but at least the shotgun drops would be out?  Or do you stay the course?  I'm thinking Rhule's stuck now and will do the later.


Do you go with Haarberg?  Chubba?  My guess is that'll be about as successful as the McCaffrey experience of a few years back. 


What a s#!tty situation to be in.  Sometimes there is no good option, no pun intended.  



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2 minutes ago, SilentTreatment said:

Hard to say. Everything in me would probably try someone else, but as you said HH didn't look anything good either. Make it an open competition with rotations in game the next 2 weeks and pick one for conference play. 

Probably the best idea

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I definitely give HH a shot. He still poses some running threat. I haven’t seen enough of his passing game but he hit Fidone for a TD in garbage time.  If he can get Fidone involved let’s go.  Sims is not the answer.  Every time he puts it in the air is potential disaster and that’s if he’s not dropping the snap. 

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I didn’t think Haarberg looked bad at all given the situation he was thrown into. Give him the keys in practice for the next few weeks and let him learn on the job against a couple easier matchups. Pray he at least knows how to receive a snap. 

Even if he’s as rough as Sims, Rhule can’t continue to forsake the rest of the team by trotting a broken QB out there. You also can’t risk letting Sims ruin himself. Give him a break, let him reset. Likely we will need him later this year. Let him come back without expectations. It’s the only hope with him at this point I fear. 

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Every other position has accountability.   Did Grant even play today after his one fumble from last week?  I'd play another QB for at least a half next week.  If they suck worse than Sims then put Sims back in during the 2nd half.  Sims' 7 points a game won't be hard to duplicate.   We aren't making a bowl game this year and Sims won't be back next year, so see what we have in others. 

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30 minutes ago, The Dude said:

There should be major questions about Rhule’s eye for talent.  He admitted he had no idea Sims led the country in turnovers when he brought him in. 


That's a thing that happened in real life. 


Didn't he have a bunch of his dudes from Temple playing for him in the NFL? lmao




His eye for talent puts unrated players into the League.  While he was at Temple,  he had more active players in the NFL than Utah, Texas Tech, West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, and Colorado. 


He said as much as he was introduced. He's looking for athletes more than highly rated players

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Why the f*** do we need a QB at Nebraska in 2023 that can run over a safety? What is the program's obsession with this at this point.


We don't need that. We need somebody that has been brought up with pocket presence, footwork, a good throwing motion - you know, the basics of the position. These dual threat guys are killing us.


Haarberg is maybe more of a passer but he's probably not ready. As far as looking towards 2024, Satterfield might be the biggest obstacle. Let's say there's more of a pass-first guy in the portal who likes what we can offer with NIL...does that kind of a player really want to play in this scheme?

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1 minute ago, Undone said:

Why the f*** do we need a QB at Nebraska in 2023 that run over a safety?


We don't. We need somebody that has been brought up with pocket presence, footwork, a good throwing motion - you know, the basics of the position. These dual threat guys are killing us.


I mean ... that's more what we had last year.  And it didn't really help.  Other than we had an NFL wide receiver to throw to.

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