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Who are the leaders on this team?

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After watching the first two games a red flag is I don’t see any leaders on this team, especially on offense. Sims has a very lax style it seems and when you have a player like this that has athletic talent but doesn’t really take command, demand accountability, or rally others you need someone else to step up. Who is that? 

It is likely going to have to come from an underclass man like Ervin, Fidone, who?  Scott is the center and doesn’t come with baggage of prior poor teams. If Sims continues to turn the ball over Haarberg may give us this leadership spark we need. That’s why I don’t think sitting Sims is really a big deal and we have a short leash going forward. He offers no leadership and doesn’t manage the game well. He is only on the field as a homerun threat but if he strikes out 99% of the time I don’t care that he hits a homerun when the game is already lost. Give me the guy that can hit singles and doubles consistently and put points on the board and make sure we are in every game. That will rally the defense as well.

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Thought the leaders got single digit numbers ?  


I'm not quite sure who is a leader on offense.  Someone to take charge and others follow.


On defense I see 2 or three.  Definitely Luke Reimer and a few.  But they can only speak on behalf of the defense.


We are missing something of a leader on offense, and it's obvious after 2 games.

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