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What did we learn? NIU Edition

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The option plays or quick tempo outside zone reads can be a way to cover up some of the offensive line's problems. I just really hope that Satterfield isn't trying too hard to outsmart defenses.


If you find a mismatch, just keep doing it until the other team stops it. The big thing with hammering the QB power run is, eventually it sets you up so well for the play action pass.



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37 minutes ago, Undone said:



Tony White makes Erik Chinander look like hammered dog s***. The disguised coverages and secondary play is really doing some good things. And our tackling is pretty great.

I was thinking about this during the game.  I don’t want to minimize anything that White has done, but wonder if Chins was just that bad….or the program was that bad.

There are players that have been on the team that are balling now.  There are guys that we never even saw on the field making plays.

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27 minutes ago, HuskerInLostWages said:

HH played with confidence, I saw no real second guessing his shot and I saw a lot of heart in him.  We saw what we have, will he remain the starter who knows but currently he's the top QB we have in terms of stats.  Can Satterfield get the playbook streamlined around him, who knows but the kid has confidence.


I mostly agree with this, but I still think of him as a serviceable backup type. Hopefully, he can still be improved.


He had a couple of nice runs, especially the final TD, but he also tried a few juke moves that he doesn't have the ability to make. Same with the pass game.


Had some really nice throws, especially that one on 3rd and long at the sideline, but then he had a couple of deep passes way off target; and should've been picked when the game was still in doubt on one over the middle to Fidone, where he completely missed the safety standing in the throwing lane in front of Fidone.


As a whole, he played pretty decent, better than the "starter", yet there's enough flaw to keep him busy.

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The defensive staff is legit.  They are rotating a fair amount of players through without notice and elevating guys who play well week to week.  


Hutmacher has become a force. 


Maybe I missed it, but Buschini could not have been 100% in the CU game.  He was better kicking into the wind today than kicking in altitude.  


Harberg threw the ball with confidence and made a handful of legit throws.  

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1 hour ago, knapplc said:

Apparently if you have an adverse opinion, you're drunk. Cheers!


The score was annoying, but it's up to us to stop it. We could have put our first string back in if it was that big of a deal.



This needs to be HH's team until he proves incapable. Dude is raw in the passing game, but he's got potential. A lot of his throws were late (should improve with in-game experience), and he doesn't have a touch throw, but at least he's not forcing them.


O Line is vastly improved despite what the fanbase wants to say. Still a lot to be desired in pass pro though.


Defense is hella good, but they have also benefitted from a lot of dropped passes by everyone they've played. Really need to be more sound in coverage as we get back into B1G play.


I kind of like the PFs we've been getting. Shows we'll punch you in the mouth, so watch yourself!


Also, HH might be the hardest running and hitting QB since Crouch or maybe Frost. TA was tough, but HH is just trucking everybody. Love it!


Rhule needs to take it easy on the edibles.

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1 hour ago, Kayvan said:

HH, Ervin and Grant all ran with an attitude. 

The defense is still nails until proven otherwise. I have no clue where our offense will be, but I am excited to see the defense play against Michigan at memorial stadium.


HH to Fidone seems like something we’re going to see a lot of for a while. 

Matt Rhule needs to get help for the licking. 

Lol, guy was like a damn lizard on the sidelines.

someone get the man a cup of water for Christ sake, guy looks like he hasn’t had any liquid in days 

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34 minutes ago, Undone said:


Good stuff. Yeah that tunnel screen (I think it was) was such great execution by everybody involved.



I thought Fidone would break some of those. I don't really love some of our slow-developing passing plays where the target is basically just two yards out from the line of scrimmage in the flat. Defenses are all over it. Either quick hit it way outside, or just go downfield.


A lot of these plays to the flat out of the heavy sets just aren't fooling anybody, but Satterfield clearly loves them.

Yeah its hard to say if he has much option. Every deep pass we have tried all year was thrown poorly, and both these QBs are a pretty suspect in their ability to read defenses in the intermediate passing game. 

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2 minutes ago, PasstheDamnBallGuy said:

Yeah its hard to say if he has much option. Every deep pass we have tried all year was thrown poorly, and both these QBs are a pretty suspect in their ability to read defenses in the intermediate passing game. 


Oh absolutely, a really good point there for sure.


It's just like, hey if you can't make these passes work out into the flat, why not just ram our QB out wide with a lead blocker then? By my eye that was the better "high percentage" play all night. And the more you do that successfully, the more you set up for the play action pass over the middle.


With the operative word there being "successfully."


I have quite a bit of faith that Rhule will keep Satterfield in check. With how good our defense is right now and could be even better 3-4 games from now, we just really need ball control from our offense and we can make a bowl game. Really believe that.

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