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Gabe Ervin and Rahmir Johnson out for the season

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Dang, both guys?  And I really like Rahmir and Ervin.


However, the QB has led the team in rush attempts in 2 of 3 games.  We will likely see more of the same, with the quarterback running 18-20 times.  But also, Anthony Grant getting most of the work.  Somewhere between 20-25-30 touches if need be.  He's more than capable of a heavy load.


Could see EJ rotating in.... and Trevin Luben?  Maybe some WRs jet sweep and some fullbacks here and there.  


The biggest thing is that it's a long physical season.  So the RB coach has his work cut out to get guys ready to go.  

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1 hour ago, Enhance said:

FWIW, I don't think you're wrong. I think it's just a crappy situation.

While I think we can make a cogent argument for why Grant/Ervin shouldn't be in the game up 24 with 6 min. left, I also think it's a freak injury and there's a possibility that the coaches were using it as a way to get more reps and continue to build confidence for the team. It looks bad in hindsight because a player is now out for the season, but I also don't recall sitting on my couch at that point in the gaming thinking "man, they really shouldn't have Ervin in there." It felt appropriate/normal. And they were probably on the verge of that being among his last carries for the game.

I guess my point is that if Ervin hadn't been injured, I don't think many of us would be sitting here on a Monday wondering why Ervin got a carry with 6:30 left in the game. We're hyperaware of it now because of something bad that happened. So, I try to judge the decision based on the moment and the situation as opposed to the result, and in the moment, it didn't necessarily feel wrong or inappropriate to have him in there. Just my two cents though.

Love that show.

I was surprised how much I loved that show.  Finished it over Labor Day Weekend

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Rough.  I think Rhule may have just given us insight on scholarship numbers going into next season however when he referred to Ramir as a Sr.  I noticed in a video during camp he labeled the "covid" Jr's as Sr's as well.  If that's the case however, it would seem another back through recruiting or portal seem vital for next year. 

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1 minute ago, Stumpy1 said:

Rhamir's had to be more then just dislocated with it ending his season.  I can understand Gabe's because a dislocated hip is a pretty major thing especially when it can affect the femoral artery. 


I think he probably just had a pretty severe separation. Recovery can be on the order of weeks for minor ones, but up to 5-6 months.



Also loved this tidbit in there - gonna guess you'd notice the symptoms in the second sentence first.



How would I know if my shoulder is dislocated?

You'll know your shoulder is dislocated because it will look deformed or out of place. Also, you won't be able to move it, and you'll probably experience intense pain.


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4 hours ago, Fru said:

Iowa was up 24-6 against Utah St with 7 min left when they pulled Cade McNamara

I’m confident there are several RBs on the roster that could have filled in during garbage time. A 25 point swing in 6 minutes? C’mon. 

And Rhule pulled Haarberg and put in Purdy too. Purdy handed off to Grant like 2 (maybe 3 plays later) so at best, mute point.

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That's horrible news.   Just when I was starting to feel a bit of optimism about the running game.  This offense just cannot catch a break.  I would withold judgment on Satterfield this season.  It's going to be bad, and it's not all his fault.


Emmett "Mr. Football" Johnson, come on down.

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