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Gabe Ervin and Rahmir Johnson out for the season

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Grant will obviously need breaks, often in the same drive…hopefully several long drives he’ll need breaks. 
my hope is that when the younger players do come in, the OC can have plays they are geared and prepared for; practiced for and can contribute. 
we should win this game based on our so far solid defense and “grind to win” offense. 
so the new guys playing RB should be able to step in with their specific talents and let loose. 

it’s trial by fire, but with good coaches we can call plays when they are in specific to what they can achieve. Glad we have a game we can win to test them and see what comes. Let’s see how Rhule “the builder” has built these guys so far. No full judgment, but it will be interesting to see if his approach has any dividends so far. 

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The young RBs have talent running the football.  No one would argue with that.



But they might not be fully ready to pick up a blitzing 235lb linebacker at full speed.  Or a 265lb defensive end that runs right around our Tackles and slams down the QB with anger. 


These are the issues every year for our young RBs, and they are like 185-195lbs with "deer in the head lights look" on pass protection plays. 


Even Grant struggled last year picking up a block, and Thompson got sacked within 3 seconds.  Had he only made a block....


Running the ball though?  Sure, there is talent to do that.


But keep in mind, Grant is running well, but he won't have the energy and physicality to be out there 1st down, 2nd down, 3rd down over and over.  New guys will get there chances, and that is kinda exciting, but also scarry.  

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I'm kind of thrilled to see some new running backs out there getting some PT.  


Thrilled/heavy interest....  sorta the same thing lol


Eventually we are looking for that #2 guy behind Grant, and it may take some games.  Or it may take a backup committee all year.  Who knows, but it is interesting to say the least?


This is just the first game, so hopefully we as fans won't be too harsh.  

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