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What did we learn? Purdue edition

Red Five

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I learned that we can make a blowout become an ugly win, which is way better than completely blowing leads and 1 score losses.




1 minute ago, Red Five said:

So does Adidas coat their footballs in Crisco before sending them out?


Seriously, I am starting to wonder about the footballs that we use.  Like are Adidas balls slicker than Wilsons or Nikes?  It doesn't matter who is coaching or who the player is, we fumble non-stop.

Kick off fumble was Purdue's Nike ball.

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I learned that Sims has not in fact changed from the player we saw the first two games, and that's too bad. I had hoped (for his sake) he might come out and play well the next time he was given an opportunity.

I also learned that this program is truly beginning to build confidence, and that the confidence is translating to the field. Gotta keep it going, but it's really encouraging.

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2 minutes ago, Red Five said:


Yeah, that (and Bullock's punt drop) shoots a hole in my theory.  But the kickoff we had a backup LB running with the ball, so weird things are the norm in that case.

Same thought crossed my mind though, until I saw the big swoosh on the replay and called myself a dummy.

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