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What did we learn? Purdue edition

Red Five

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12 minutes ago, Wistrom Disciple said:

Sims didn't look good, but people fail to remember the reason that he came in... HH fumbled again and resulted in another short field for our defense to defend. Leads me to believe that we're winning these games despite our Quarterbacks, not because of them.


Going shotgun in 4th & 1 or on the goal line is usually not a successful formula. 

 You brought up two things on which I wanted to comment. HH fumbled after taking that very hard hit. I could not believe that play was called after the type of hit he took. He should not have been put in that position. The ball should have been handed off.


I literally shake my head when we line up in the shotgun on 4th and 1. Unfortunately I don’t see this changing :bang



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I learned Ryan Walters isn't familiar with the recent history of NU self-destructing or he would have kicked off at the 6:24 mark and made life really interesting for NU.  


I learned Evan Cooper is a better talent evaluator than Frost's staff when Jalen Lloyd made a big play in a Div 1 college football game as a true freshman. 


And I continue to learn this defensive staff is light years better than the previous staff given the reality this is largely being done with their players.   

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I think our defense is legit for the most part, but folks we are playing like the worst offenses in D-1 football right now.  WE should be defending these teams and winning with any kind of decent Defense.  Truly, other than Michigan, Ohio St, and Penn St, the Big 10 is mostly horrible.  We better make a bowl game with the level of competition we are facing and will be facing the rest of the way out.  

I learned that HH is not more than likely our starter next season.  We have to get our NIL cooking and get some better overall line talent in this program.  We need more skill players.  SHOW ME the Money.  Do what everyone else is doing and offer more, give more and get more.

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The body language of our players seems to say that they're more invested in what's happening than we've seen in several seasons. I know we saw some good cohesion at times with Frost's guys, but Rhule seems to have the team in a place where they just have a lot of pride in not losing.


24 points on offense in a conference game is some decent improvement. And the heads up special teams TD and the 55 yard FG were kind of icing on the cake on the whole thing.


Rhule has to start getting a little more humble and honest with himself about what his offensive players can & can't do. When Sims came in for just a few plays it was a train wreck. Man.

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I can't really complain about our offense.  We have no line play and what lineman we had are banged up.  We don't have solid RB and WR cores.  We are limited on what we can do with this team on offense.  I don't think Satterfield is a good offensive coach, but can't really say he is bad either based on what he is working with.  HH is not a drop back passer and is not fluid enough to ever be a good passer.  I know that watching K-State and Kansas today at certain points, they are much better programs right now than we are.  They each have two QB's who would shine here and make us blush.  They have running backs and receivers.  They block on offense.  Sad to think that Kansas went from 0-12 to now 6-2 in three years.  We keep getting excuse after excuse for why we can't do that, but clearly they hired the right people.  Huge Liepold fan and think that Kleiman is pretty good as well.  I hope Rhule can get it done, but I will reserve all rights for judgment until after next season.  We are playing bad football teams and bad offenses.  This will change next season and be more reality based on what we have.  Will give Rhule credit for taking care of business to this point and beating these teams that beat Frost annually. 

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10 minutes ago, Nebhawk said:

I think our defense is legit for the most part, but folks we are playing like the worst offenses in D-1 football right now.  WE should be defending these teams and winning with any kind of decent Defense.


What about Nebraska in the past 7 years makes you think we should be winning these games, and not be excited that our defense is playing well against anyone? We have every reason to be excited that we are playing well, and it doesn't matter who the opponent is.

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