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What did we learn? Mich St version

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9 minutes ago, Red Five said:

We all wanted to think this is a new team.


But Nebraska is still the same Nebraska we’ve seen for 10 years


6 minutes ago, Red Five said:

MSU had lost 6 in a row. Coach had been fired.  Little home field advantage.

Nebraska had won 3 in a row. Playing for a division title. Playing for a bowl birth.


And we turn in a performance like that…

I think this is a bad take.

This was not like the last so many years. This was straight up the result of having absolutely no offense. No QB. No OL. WR corps decimated by injuries.


The result may look the same on the scoreboard but this was the result of just plain not being good enough on one side of the ball. Different imo than finding and creating a way to lose.

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ST took steps back.  Great that Kemp can catch punts.  But not inside your own 10.  Let it go into endzone or take an NU bounce.   Positive yards either way.  And everyone and their dog knew he wasn't going to run one back...Stupid.


The achilles heel of the D has been the passing game all season.  Got exposed today.  By an average QB.  Man what O wouldn't give for an average QB.


Team as a whole played slow, tight and tentative.  Waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Playing so tight to get the 6th win.....


Need more dudes on O.  No guy talked about as a playmaker.  


Honest analogy on the O.  For the shooters out there.  Trying to zero optics, glass, irons or improve marksmanship etc....the rounds have to be close enough to adjust L/R or U/D.....If shots are all over it's impossible to zero or work to identify what's causing it ie grip too tight/loose, anticipating, finger, push, pull etc....Same with this O.  What do you fix when it's all over the place?  Satt bad or does he have no QB, OL or receivers?  HH bad or same arguments...OL?  RB's try to dance and bounce outside, receivers can't catch so 5 constantly trying to block 8.....  Good luck to Rhule and Co fixing it.  Every phase, IMHO is broke on that side.


3 more games to get 1.


Winning much better than losing.


We still have a lot of work to do.  

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6 minutes ago, Mavric said:

Offense was really bad


Defense was more leaky than they've been all season.


Special teams was bad.


Got shafted on several calls.


Not a good time to string all of that together.

Very toxic recipe. 

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11 minutes ago, Nebhawk said:

We are still a challenged team on both sides of the ball.  I think our defense has been exploited some now.  I am interested to see how this staff and team respond going forward.  Has this staff got the mentality of this team changed?

I think we have found out for sure that we have got to get a better QB and more weapons.  But with saying that, if we don't have a better Line, those things won't matter either.

Our defense is what it is. Good scheme, well coached, but still subpar athleticism across the board. Works great when opposing quarterbacks aren’t good enough to stress it , but looks pedestrian with competence back there. Line not talented enough to create pressure straight up consistently and secondary not talented enough to match up straight up. Execute an average offense against us and the cracks peak out. 

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17 minutes ago, FrankWheeler said:

They took advantage of our defense being aggressive in the secondary, great play calling on their part.

Our offense still puts the defense in bad positions due to an inability to move the ball at all.  This loss is on an offense that for some reason is insisting on trying to throw the ball 40 times with a QB and line not built for that type of offense.  

Yeah, what is up with that? We have players that can run and we end up passing! Why? 

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