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Confidence Level - Final 2 Games - Will we earn a bowl bid?


How confident are you that we will get to 6 wins  

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12 hours ago, runningblind said:

Both Wisconsin and Iowa will eat our offense alive


Wisconsin's defense is great against the pass (15th in yards/att).  Rush defense they are pretty average.


Defensive Yards/Carry


4) Nebraska 2.57 ypc

18) Iowa 3.27 ypc

19) Maryland 3.28 ypc

36) Mich St 3.58 ypc

49) Minnesota 3.78 ypc

50) Wisconsin 3.79 ypc

60) Purdue 3.99 ypc

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1 minute ago, Red Five said:

And that tells me we should be pretty worried about moving the ball on the ground against Maryland this week.


Yeah, as far as our offense versus the opponents defense this week will be similar to last week - solid against the run, grabby man coverage in the passing game. But Maryland's offense is much better, so even with a more typical performance by the Blackshirts our offense needs to be able to hit more consistently in the passing game. 


I also think we've flashed the ability to run the ball effectively even against decent run defenses, but need to figure out something consistent.

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On 11/6/2023 at 10:58 AM, TGHusker said:

3 Games left.  MSU game placed a sour taste in our mouths.  It was figured to be the easiest game of the 4 remaining. 

2 of the next 3 games are at home  - Maryland and Iowa.  Wiscy is away.


What is your confidence level that we secure the magical 6th game win to obtain the bowl invitation?


Who do we beat to get there - all 3, 2, 1 or none?  This poll option is multiple choice.  


Personally,  I think we beat Iowa - we just have to score 14 points vs their 10 points.  It will be a slumber fest on offense.   I sure don't want

it to come down the last game.  Iowa will have revenge on their mind after we denied them the West Crown last year at their place.


Maryland - with our offense - I have my doubts and they also pass better then many teams which will stress our D.   I have my doubts unless The Rhule can pull

a rabbit from the hat to put some juice in the O.  - Purdy?? (doubtful).   The D will have to step up and get some TOs.   Maybe if Satt finally gets

a clue and goes with a heavy set and we do ball control to keep the ball from Maryland.  Fullback, 2 TE sets and just pound the rock. 


Wiscy - it is at their place.  If we couldn't generate the motivation and energy at lowly MSU, how will we be able to do so at rowdy Camp Randal?


GBR - One day at a time.  One game at a time.  Enjoy the process. 



Team will be up more for Wisc than MSU. MSU stadium was dead. I think it’s actually more motivating and easier to get up in a hostile environment. MSU was a pretty clear trap game in my opinion. The spread was very fishy. Vegas was begging you to take Neb. 

I picked all three. I think we win out :)


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On 11/6/2023 at 2:40 PM, TGHusker said:

Yep.  Agreed.  It just seemed all so strange to me that on a day that they had everything to win (bowl eligibility, remain in driver's seat for west crown, win streak) that they came out so very flat.  Travel, early game, pressure to win that 6th game, inspired MSU team???  Not sure what caused it but I was totally shocked by the overall team

flatness.  I expect things to be a challenge on the O side unfortunately based on all of the injuries and turnover habits but not so much on the D side. 

Regardless - we have a great opportunity on Saturday to right the ship and get that win.  

I'm not surprised we lost to MSU considering it was their Senior Day.

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On 11/7/2023 at 10:44 AM, Red Five said:


Wisconsin's defense is great against the pass (15th in yards/att).  Rush defense they are pretty average.


Defensive Yards/Carry


4) Nebraska 2.57 ypc

18) Iowa 3.27 ypc

19) Maryland 3.28 ypc

36) Mich St 3.58 ypc

49) Minnesota 3.78 ypc

50) Wisconsin 3.79 ypc

60) Purdue 3.99 ypc


This means Satterfiled will go 55% downfield pass and 25% bubble screens, 15%  QB runs and 5% handoff to the RBs. This is obviously because Wisconsin will know we want to attack their weakness, so we definately shouldn't do it.

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On 11/7/2023 at 11:24 AM, knapplc said:

I was more confident in beating Michigan State than in beating Maryland, Wisconsin or Iowa.


Yeah.  Very similar feeling about that.  But I'm heading over into (somewhat shaky) confidence area of this game just to help with the vibe out there.  We win.. WE WIN.  :woo

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Saturday November 11 Central Time

Maryland(-2) at Huskers, Peacock telecast image.gif.7d055818417510efbf8f0d1cee1990cc.gif.. If Huskers will win, then made bowl eligible !
Michigan(-4) at Penn State, FOX telecast
Indiana at Illinois(-6.5), BTN telecast

Rutgers at Iowa(-1), BTN telecast .... GO RUTGERS !!
Northwestern at Wisconsin(-10), FS1 telecast .... GO CATS !!
Minnesota(even) at Purdue, NBC/Peacock telecast .... GO BOILERS !!

Michigan State at Ohio State(-31.5), NBC/Peacock telecast



Horse West CCG Racing: "And Down The Stretch ...."
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On 11/6/2023 at 10:18 AM, Husker in WI said:

I have no idea how this is going to go, but they are all 3 beatable. Also wouldn't be shocked if we go 0-3 though.


Maryland is crumbling, and I do think our defense is going to come out angry. Their offense can be explosive, but I think we can match up well like we did against Colorado for 2.5 quarters. We just need our offense to avoid continuously putting them in bad positions, but that might be asking too much. It does scare me a little that Maryland has actually been pretty good against the run and susceptible against the pass, we couldn't take advantage of that last week.


Wisconsin is a mystery right now - it'll be their senior day which is bad for us, but unless it's a night game and they beat NW I don't think the atmosphere will be anything crazy. And I kinda expect them to lose to NW - Locke is still making some freshman mistakes that NW can definitely capitalize on. 


First to 10 might win against Iowa, unless there are defensive or special teams scores. 

Maryland is crumbling. What did that make Michigan State coming in to last weekend?  476 AD Rome?

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2 hours ago, DefenderAO said:

If we believe each game is roughly a coin flip, winning one of three carries an 87.5% probability it will happen. 

Winning all three is a 12.5% chance. 


There's an 87.5% chance of winning 1, 2, or 3 of the 3 remaining. There's a 37.5% of winning 1 of 3 games.



added: Using ESPN's Matchup Predictor, the Huskers have a 74.5% chance of winning 1 or more games



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I put it at 50% now.  It would be fun to bet Iowa like last year and knock them out of the conference championship game.


Bowl games are a feel good/means nothing thing.  There are so many mediocre teams in bowls.  If the Huskers make one they will be another.  The NCAA should let all teams, regardless of record, practice until the start of the playoffs if they want.

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