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16 minutes ago, gossamorharpy said:

You and I must be in the minority.  Seems like a few on here are just fine being on a streaming service that is going under in the next few years when this is our most winnable game to secure bowl eligibility for the first time in 7 years.  I long for the higher standards this fanbase once carried and expected, perhaps I'm asking too much ;)



Multiple people have complained about it, including me. But your logic has been terrible in this topic. 

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20 minutes ago, Moiraine said:



Multiple people have complained about it, including me. But your logic has been terrible in this topic. 

I seem to be the only one displaying logic between you and me. You compelled me to look up how peacock games have been structured: I did and happened to find that the top teams you mentioned all played games of no consequence and meaning early in the season. Meanwhile we’re on here in November. 

Like I said, I’ll be tuning in tomorrow regardless. However, you should take off your rose colored glasses- this TV slot, amongst many other things, is just another confirmation of how irrelevant we’ve become the last decade. Really hope Rhule changes that so we can be on prime viewing and I don’t have to teach my elderly relatives via FaceTime how to watch our Huskers on peacock.


but Hey, that’s ok, I’ll just assume you had no response to the facts I drop and again want to turn it personal by saying I lack logic. Great convo bud, really creating a fun atmosphere on here :thumbs

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14 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

Here’s another thing that sucks about this.  I’m in Breckenridge for the weekend. Someone suggested that we grind a sports bar to watch at least the first half.  Nope, there isn’t going to be any bars that are going to subscribe to peacock just to show the husker game. 


Consider it a blessing. Honestly, there are a lot of better things to be doing in Breckenridge than sitting in bar watching a football game.

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For those who will be listening to game instead of watching, yall might be pleasantly surprised.  


I used to camp quite a bit - even during Husker football season.  I would listen to game on my phone.  App was TuneIn and it was Husker IMG or something.  Listened to 10 games during Pelini's last two seasons, and another 10 during Riley.  Anyway, it's pretty cool IMHO and it feels different, but in a really good way.  


1.  It's a Husker broadcast - so everything has a Nebraska flavor to it.

2.  The commercials where local ads & seemed to be a bit shorter than TV breaks.  Pretty cool hearing a little more in-depth Husker info/analyst from the broadcast booth before the game resumes.  Like, player stats, team stats, 3rd down % and what the Huskers need to do or what to change.  And when you hear a Husker 3rd and 9 converted on a pass play for 11 yards, it sounds like the greatest play happened, the booth goes nuts...... but when you eventually see a highlight it's like "eh, it was a nice throw".  I remember loving those fanatical calls from the Husker booth.  And the Husker analyst telling you exactly how that play worked.  

3.  If you really just care about wins, then it's good if you are casually listening while grilling and talking with friends, while paying more attention when the Huskers are threatening to score.

4.  If they are getting throttled, you don't feel it like you do when watching.  You can tell it's a bad game, and you can turn it off and just check the score.  

5.  You can always watch the highlight recaps later/another day if you choose to see those highlights (win or lost).


Go for it.  Listen and enjoy the Husker broadcast, and have a great day!  GBR 

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