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What did we learn? Maryland edition

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2 minutes ago, Undone said:

This was the worst coaching in a single game that we've seen in a very long time. And that's really saying something.

I'm not sure there's anything else to even discuss at all. Goal to go and you ask your 3rd string QB to throw twice instead of setting up for the game-winning field goal?


Can't wait for Rhule's post game presser.


:waste     :waste    :waste    :waste    :waste

It makes zero sense. The opposite of sense. I don't care what crafty or thoughtful or analytical reason he might've had for throwing twice down there. I just want to put both hands on the side of his head and shout "read the f'ing room bro."

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Satterfield needs to go. He is the highest paid assistant in Nebraska history and cost us the game today at the end. He called 2 pass plays when we were in FG range...had we run it 3 times and settled for a FG, we go up 3 and leave less time on the clock for Maryland.


How long is his contract?



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All three QB's and the way they've been coached by two different staffs are completely inexcusable. You can't put one f****** guy out there that doesn't blow a totally winnable game with dumb turnovers?


These coaches had 9 games to get one guy in a spot where at a minimum he's kind of bad but at least doesn't do more harm than good when he's out there.


Rhule is a great motivator and culture builder. I'm positive about that. But he should have taken over when it was goal to go with Purdy and said "we running it three times, no question."

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6 minutes ago, Micheal said:

-Have to fire Satterfield. He can't manage a game knowing passing is lethal for us. Just clueless. Question is do you fire him now or at end of season? 

To be fair, Rhule's assessment of Satterfield is as bad as his assessment of Sims being competent.


Both huge misses.  

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