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What did we learn? Maryland edition


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6 minutes ago, Cornfed said:

This loss somehow hurt more than any other this season. 

I think that's because this game felt like intentional ignorance and stupidity, moreso than the others.

Most people knew what they should've done when they got 1st and Goal at the 5. From a probability standpoint, they at least walk out of there with a field goal and 2-3 minutes and some change. Ask the defense to hold up. If the defense failed to hold, well, at the least offense put them in a position to succeed. What the offense did was the exact opposite of that and I think that's why it's a more painful situation. The win, or at least a real good chance to win, was right frickin there.

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All I will say is fire Satterfield.  You are the OC and QB coach.  You are with the guys every day.  And some how, none have improved.  All 3 are mistake prone.  Blame it on OL, wr execution etc. BUT at the end of the day you know the ability of your guys.  Throwing into the end zone, with time left on the clock, with a QB who hasn't played all season was one of the dumbest play calls I have seen.  The running game was working.  Run for the TD.  if it's 4th and goal, kick the FG.  Less time on the clock.  Maryland couldn't eat clock in laying up for a FG.   Satt appears to think he is the smartest guy in the room, but he just showed why he needs to be let go.  Rhule preaches accountability. Now show it,  Satt just isn't cut out to be the OC of a P5 program.  See ya.

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Outside of the conversation on firing Satterfield, here's the thing. This reflects so poorly on Rhule and basically his pride. He should have been screaming in his ear to just run the damn ball.


We blew the first game in the 4th quarter. We come to this game and we needed to just kick a FG to have a real chance of winning but braindead coaching decisions ruined our chances.


Yeah...if Purdy lobs a TD pass to Coleman it's a different story but get your head straight, Matt: what are those odds?

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Just now, Swiv3D said:

I feel like the native son stuff leads to more chances than should be given, but I do agree he'd be a good utility player for the offense like in week one

Probably. They all suck. Should just run wildcat and give it to Johnson as much as possible. 

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1 minute ago, Cornfed said:

Sims should never be allowed on the field again. 

Despite the end zone int Purdy showed he can move the ball. 

This loss somehow hurt more than any other this season. 

Sims is the only QB that lead a scoring drive today. And he lead two.

I don’t know what happens to him when the turnovers start, but then they come in clusters and seem so unforced. 

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Maryland drove down the the red zone and ran the clock out. Y'all really are acting like they would not have had a really good chance at a TD there. I have 0 problem with calling a pass on that play. It's funny how there is no credit for calling a drive that took us to the 5 yard line with a 3rd string QB, HB, and backups all over the oline. Get a good QB on this team and these are blowout wins with nothing else changing. 

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