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What did we learn? Maryland edition

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When you downplay the magnitude of an automatic 3 points, you fail as an OC.


When you score just 10 points through 56 minutes, the game is tied, it's 3rd and goal from the 7, knowing our history of turnovers and bad timing.....and you call a pass play.... You fail as an OC.


When you are down to your 3rd QB, in FG range to take a lead, and call a pass play......


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Just now, I am I said:

When the QBs don’t lose us a game the OC does. 
we need a QB in the worst way. We could be 6-4 or 7-3 if we had a serviceable QB 

I'd probably go so far to say this team could be 7-3 or even 8-2. The Minnesota, Michigan St. and Maryland games look a lot different with even just a serviceable QB that doesn't turn the ball over.

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11 minutes ago, Enhance said:

I think that's because this game felt like intentional ignorance and stupidity, moreso than the others.

Most people knew what they should've done when they got 1st and Goal at the 5. From a probability standpoint, they at least walk out of there with a field goal and 2-3 minutes and some change. Ask the defense to hold up. If the defense failed to hold, well, at the least offense put them in a position to succeed. What the offense did was the exact opposite of that and I think that's why it's a more painful situation. The win, or at least a real good chance to win, was right frickin there.

I’m not on the fire Satt bandwagon to be clear but I totally agree with your view on the last drive I’ll concede that for sure. I just think it’s incredibly hard to devise a winning formula when your only choice is to be completely one dimensional. And I think he is doing the best you can hope for when you literally do not have a real QB on the roster. And I’m talking about his performance this year as a whole, which is how he should be judged, not the last drive of the game. You have to get three there

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32 minutes ago, Enhance said:

I learned that, despite largely wanting to give Satterfield the benefit of the doubt, he completely corked that game late with his playcalling. What in God's name were you doing calling a pass play with your third string QB at the 5-yard line, when you could've run the ball three times and at worst kicked a field goal?

Obviously the general QB play in the program is atrocious, but that's not anything new.

Can’t add anything to this….

Other than Satterfield needs to be shown the door.

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7 minutes ago, Born N Bled Red said:

The thing is, Simms and Haarbergs deep pass interceptions all look the exact same. They are not being coached to read a defense.

Or they inherently don’t have the ability to read a division 1 defense despite all attempts to coach them. If Satt was the OC and let’s say Rattler was here. Do you think the results would be the same?

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9 minutes ago, lo country said:

All I will say is fire Satterfield.  You are the OC and QB coach.  You are with the guys every day.  And some how, none have improved.  All 3 are mistake prone.  Blame it on OL, wr execution etc. BUT at the end of the day you know the ability of your guys.  Throwing into the end zone, with time left on the clock, with a QB who hasn't played all season was one of the dumbest play calls I have seen.  The running game was working.  Run for the TD.  if it's 4th and goal, kick the FG.  Less time on the clock.  Maryland couldn't eat clock in laying up for a FG.   Satt appears to think he is the smartest guy in the room, but he just showed why he needs to be let go.  Rhule preaches accountability. Now show it,  Satt just isn't cut out to be the OC of a P5 program.  See ya.

Yeah, I’ve defended him all year. Can’t do it anymore. You run on third, kick the field goal, win the game. Terrible play calling. And unfortunately, I need to throw harsh criticism at Rhule for the first time for letting this happen. Unacceptable. I don’t care who the players are on offense. 

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2 minutes ago, PasstheDamnBallGuy said:

It's funny how there is no credit for calling a drive that took us to the 5 yard line with a 3rd string QB, HB, and backups all over the oline. 

90-yard drives tend to feel hollow when they end in turnovers.

This is more about situational football and understanding what it takes to win. I'm usually the first person to defend play-calling (often times, it's a low-hanging fruit criticism), but this isn't one of those circumstances. That was objectively poor play calling and game management at the end. You gotta know when to fold your hand and take your winnings. That was one of those moments.

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Once again when give the opportunity to establish an identity to be a tough, hard-nosed team like Rhule pontificated about all off-season, we have the ball first and goal at the five and go all mush mouth football. 


How can you establish an identity when you don't even try?  The downside I guess is you don't score a td and then settle for what could have been the game winning field.  But OCs gotta audition for the job by being the craftiest in the room.  

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