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1 hour ago, HuskerX said:

Yes, we need a coaching staff who can either recruit blue-chip QB's, or take average QB's and coach them up. We're seeing none of this, this season.

The immediate issue of concern is Satterfield.  He is both OC and QB coach.....What is our weakest offensive position?  Carolina fans jumped for joy when he left.  

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1 hour ago, irafreak said:

Just came from the game. All 3 qbs stink. That is all. Go big red.

Regardless of their individual skills or lack of, they shouldn't be asked to execute plays utilizing skills they don't possess.  I put a lot of this on Satterfield. 

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6 minutes ago, SouthLincoln Husker said:

Let see, beat up oline, 3rd string qb, 4th string rb & 7th & 8th string wr.  Plus,  the 3rd string qb probably does not get a lot of reps. at practice.  And that's the OCs fault?  I will agree that Sims needs to be on the next train leaving lincoln, but the oc does not block, throw or catch the ball.

Run the f#&%ing ball then

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