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Time to get to real

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32 minutes ago, gossamorharpy said:

I'm sorry, and maybe I'm in the minority, but I haven't been overly impressed by the o line at all.  Sure, the penalties have been down in recent weeks


Hey, that's nothing to scoff at - self-destruction on offense has been by far the biggest problem with this team. I mean imagine if we could look at the QBs as a group and say the turnovers have been down in recent weeks!


I don't think anyone would say that they're "impressed" with the OL, but I think it's reasonable to say that they've looked better overall in the last few games, beyond just the penalties.

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We can try and sugarcoat it as much as we want, but the reality is that the only bright spot of our offense has been the emergence of Emmett Johnson. Other than EJ who has been running with purpose, our offense is amongst the worst and most boring offenses in all of FBS and FCS. The truth of the matter is that if it hadn’t been for our defense playing lights out, we would be 2-8 right now. Our OL, although somewhat improved from last year, is still subpar. We do not have a QB, our TE is one and done type of player, and our WRs have butterfingers. And to top it all, we have an OC that does not understand the strengths and weaknesses of his offense. Sometimes it feels like he thinks he has Aaron Rodgers for QB. We substituted costly penalties with costlier turnovers. At this point, can anyone really see this offense scoring 20 points in a game? If any of the above is not true then you are definitely not “keeping it real”.

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23 hours ago, Lorewarn said:



Holy hyperbole. We throw the ball less than everybody in the entire United States except the military academies, and the passing concepts are about as simple as they possibly can be on the exceedingly rare times we actually throw it. What are you talking about?

So, is the Aaron Rodgers comment that hurt your feelings? Do you agree with the rest of the statements? What about costly turnovers? Is that also a hyperbole? I am just trying to get a sense of what exactly hurt your feelings so I stop doing it.

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