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We still get quality RBs, and quality QBs (ready to develop) but have not had the patience/staff to develop them and an offensive line


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i question the resilience of NU fans to have the patience to see this come to fruition in this environment; current expanded Big X and addition of the west coast big dogs and their recruiting base, our ability to recruit in this conference given our prior 2 decades of failure and no hot bed to draw from. This realistically may require 5 years+ to show anything beyond Minnesota/Purdue type results. I don’t see Rhule going anywhere in that time line, with the pay check he has been handed; but will he have the resolve and will the fan base have the resolve to allow that to take that length of time and more. 

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How far are we going back with this assessment? Because if you teamed up even our anemic offense of Frost's year two with this year's defense for this season, we're 7-3. Adrian Martinez was a good QB, and I'm positive that lots of fans that didn't see it before see it now.


Rhule whiffed on Sims in the transfer portal and that started the chain of events we have now. It's going to be the most Nebraska thing ever if we lose the last four games when we just needed one win to have the best season in six years.

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