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Coaches that have exceeded expectations or is this talent?

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15 hours ago, Touchdown Tommie said:

Combination. The Frost era was never too short on talent. It was the lack of development and discipline within the ranks that made it the challenge.

There are some on here that have jumped all over the WR coach and continue to do so. Not sure what people expect when you are throwing out true freshman with a suspect QB room.

Hopefully good things continue to happen and they can make strides. Getting bowl eligible will only add to the growth of these young guys...really hope that happens!

Uhhhhh, what?  Outside of 2AM, his greatest claim was an undersized wideout he deliberately used as a running back who transferred and a TE turned center who couldn’t snap for 2 years and then became solid….. that’s it



90% of the “talent” he recruited never even played a down before dipping. 

fully agree on the WR coach s#!t talk being ridiculous. It has been frustrating watching bullock and others drop catches- I’ll give McGuire a pass until of next year so he has a full recruiting cycle (class of 2024) while Coleman/doss gets another year exp

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3 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:


I’m man enough to admit that after the first few weeks I was way down on Raiola. I was all for keeping him on staff and giving him a chance under Rhule but the beginning of the season was rough. I also thought he was a liability in recruiting. It’s obvious I was wrong.

While our OL has plenty of issues, the growth and development as the season has progressed is evident. Leading the BIG in rushing. Yea part of that may be because we’ve had a nonexistent passing game, but then again, that just means teams can tee off on the run game and we’ve still been successful. 


when it comes to recruiting, I had no idea that this years OL class has been rated that high. It’s far from over, and recruiting rankings end up meaning squat if the recruits don’t get developed. But it looks like Raiola is capable of doing just that. 

I know this season has had its ups and downs, at times looked like Frosts teams, and made infuriating mistakes, but it appears something is being built and I’m all for taking the time for a quality program to get built. 

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