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Fire Satterfield

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2 minutes ago, knapplc said:


His defenses have given up enough points to lose six games.


How many long 3rd downs did they give up?  I saw 2 in OT.


Definitely got trucked by Michigan.


Like Pelini getting Wisconsined.  They talked about that game several times tonight.

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5 minutes ago, lo country said:

I know people think that Chadwell's O at Coastal and Liberty is gimmicky, but they flat out win....Willy Korn and Kaidon Salter with a little package deal with salary and NIL....


TBH, I followed Beck after he left NU.  Dude has become a solid OC.  7-4 his first year at Coastal. 

That will never work in P5 football consistently.

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3 minutes ago, knapplc said:

The defense hasn't had remotely the same attrition. There's zero chance we're performing as well on defense with the same losses.

Well with the amount of young kids they are playing on defense, I'd say it would be a step back, but not as severe as you may think


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1 minute ago, Mavric said:


So did Frost at that level.


Chadwell has had multiple years of winning at that level. Much better coach than Frost IMHO.  Chadwell has really developed that scheme.  Don't want to say invented, but is an originator in it.    I wanted him as HC a few years ago.  Wanted him when Frost was fired.  Undefeated at Liberty this year.  Has been ranked more years as a HC than Nebraska has since since Pelini was fired.  I'd take him in a heart beat.  Maybe Korn is just as sharp, maybe not, but I'd give it a shot.

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It's the truth.  Back in the championship days the defense won games when the offense needed.  Like beating K-state 17-6 with Matt Turman.


Don't let Wisconsin score a TD in the 3rd and win the game.  Iowa wins ugly games using their defense, not making excuses about getting tired or something.


The Defense is much better then they have been and kept us in games.  They also haven't won any. Lije stopping Maryland's last drive.

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1 minute ago, PaulCrewe said:

No not really.


I am not a fan of his but I also have to remember Satt was not the original choice for OC/Qb coach.. That was Peetz and Satt was to be the WR coach

Thought Satt was going to be TE

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