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****Iowa Game Day Thread****

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5 minutes ago, chamrocck said:

You know what, get this s#!t out of here. Our players had a lot of chances and we dropped the ball and missed the kicks and threw the INT and gave up the big run. I don’t think Satt is great but s#!t these players deserve some criticism. We are soft and play poorly in key situations.


Thank you. Satterfield is far from perfect, but he called a good enough game for us to win. We had stupid penalties, dropped passes, missed blocks, missed tackles, missed receivers. This was a team loss. 



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Just now, Jason Sitoke said:

And the defense sealing it with that last play. A top to bottom culture of losing winnable games by executing a perfect sequence of losing plays. 


It really was a crazy series of fluke plays that got us that loss. Purdy throwing it right to the Iowa defender, Gifford missing the tackle. We had the ball with under a minute and should have AT WORST gotten into overtime. Instead it's a last-second loss.



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That was a rough loss.  Should've, could've, would've.....NU's calling call is undisciplined play, mistake prone and an inability to close out close games.   Unsure what the answer is.  Coaching in some spots is suspect at best, but dropping passes, running east and west, throwing to a wide open defensive lineman, "going" for aFG into the wind from 62 out....This team, on the offensive side is a complete s#!t show.  Wouldn't be surprised to see O recruits pass and some offensive guys hit the portal....

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