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Who should be the next person to have a statue outside the stadium?

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Paul Finebaum with a good question:


Nebraska already has three statues outside the stadium:


Tom Osborne & Brook Berringer

Bob Devaney

The Blackshirts tackling that poor KSU RB


Who would be our next statue?


Some options:

Heisman winners Johnny Rodgers, Mike Rozier, or Eric Crouch

Ndamukong Suh

Sam Foltz

George Flippin

The Pipeline (specifically, some version of this picture from the 1994 National Championship)


Or, should we put up no new statues?






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I don't think there's anyone that is worthy of having a statue put up of themselves; that indicates a level of "legendary" status that I'm not certain any single player or entity that isn't already honored deserves. 


Gun to head, though? Sam Foltz, or Taylor Martinez handing the ball off to Jack Hoffman. 

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1 hour ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

John Cook.  His team set an attendance record 


That's a funny idea. Cook and Terry Pettit should both get statues outside the Bob. Or maybe Pettit's should be outside the Coliseum, since that's where he coached all of his matches. I think both Cook and Pettit would resist that, though. Pettit is probably content having the court in his name. Cook might consent to a statue, or some other honor. He's certainly earned it.


1 hour ago, I am I said:

A single red bronze Red Ballon 15 feet high 


This is a fun, good idea. Good thinking!

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