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2024 B1G Basketball Tournament

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34 minutes ago, Loebarth said:

@ECisGod I think it would play better for us to slow the game down against Illinois, am I wrong in that thinking? It seems to me Illinois can run with anyone and letting them get out running plays into their game. 

We probably don't want to go 100 mph with Illinois,  but we won't wnt to go too slow either. 

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I don't know much about basketball, in fact, it's my weakest knowledge base sport. I only really understand the basics. They talk about modern style NBA vs Old School style NBA. That I understand as the new being more open and kind of run and shoot vs the old being pound the paint and let the players be more physical. What I don't understand in today's game is the inside out concepts and why teams seemingly are not using that style of play as much. Stockton and Malone are hall of fame players because of it. To a degree, Shaq & Koby too, yes? Where has that gone and why? It seems Hoiberg and company are using it well while also implementing the slashing/fast moving, get open and shoot the mid-range/3 pt jumper. 

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5 minutes ago, ECisGod said:

Officials have screwed  Wisconsin the last two trips down the court. 


I hate, and I mean hate, Wisconsin. But this officiating is horrendous

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4 hours ago, GSG said:


I hate, and I mean hate, Wisconsin. But this officiating is horrendous


B1G officiating is just plain awful.  Unless you are Edey (who can't get touched, but can manhandle people), there is just no consistency.


Edey would maul people on rebounds and not get called, but as soon and someone bumps him a tiny bit while he is shooting there would be a whistle.  It was just laughable.  And this is a big reason why Purdue won't make it to the Sweet 16 - they won't get the favorable B1G reffing next week.


In the Nebraska/Illinois game, it was impossible to figure out what a foul was on a shooter.  Guys would get knocked over, no whistle.  Then the next time down the court there would be some ticky-tack call on a drive.  There was also a time when the ref blew the whistle on us before Shannon shot the ball, and still gave him an And-1.

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