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Trev to A&M

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4 hours ago, Douglas said:


For those of us in Omaha, people still complain about his actions at UNO. I had a conversation about this a couple of weeks ago.  Local wrestling is still pissed. 


I cut part of your post because it wasn't important to the conversation. 


Context has meaning. 



Now we know why you don’t like Trev.  You’re still pissed about UNO. 

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We would also have had a better idea of what was happening and who was stirring the pot if the World-Herald and Journal-Star had not been decimated of the reporters who once tracked this sort of thing.

Like I said. Stupider and angrier. It actually is an agenda. 

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1 hour ago, Red Five said:

Regarding Trev’s comments, will the political situation be any different at Texas A&M?


While texas is a red state on a national scale, the political meddling (from what a former colleague says who works at a small state school) is fairly minimal. He says there are enough opposing electorates at the state/local level to help balance it out so it doesn't sway too far in either direction for state universities. 

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2 minutes ago, knapplc said:



People need to realize a moving truck is maybe .05% of Rhule's yearly salary. 


True, it would not take a lot to move again when the next opportunity comes up. However if he's committed to the school, program, state, etc. to the point of actually moving his parents in their 70s halfway across the country, that's a very good sign for all involved. Now hopefully he can enjoy success on the field, our administration uses his wisdom/input in making some crucial decisions, and everything stabilizes in the levels above our coaches and programs. 

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2 hours ago, Red Five said:

:nods head up and down:



Huge Dreamer.


I actually think this sums it all up and I’m moving on.  He did a lot of good things.  He probably could have done more.  But that’s not real life.  Even if you’re the best, you’re going to have to work with what you have.  Many chose to do the best they can in the environment they are in.  Others don’t.  It is what it is.

The more I read, the more I think this was a douche move.  This just adds to his dump truck full of douche moves.


Huge Dreamer = Sourpuss to me. Peace out Trev.

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