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Trev to A&M

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not great news because i like Trev and he seemed to be moving us in the right direction.  I think all schools have movement in leadership, it is just magnified because it is happening here.  Moves like this show how important leadership is, we have recently been poached by ohio state and A and M.      


Smart move by Trev, A&M just hired a football coach, so he has 3 years to see if Elko works and then he would get to make his hire which would buy him another 3 or 4 years. 

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This should also put to bed Nebraska's obsession with hiring former players for any position in the athletic department.  Frost was an epic disaster as a head coach.  Trev bails for a bigger paycheck before the job is done (FB returning to upper tier B1G, stadium project).

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It's easy to conflate unrelated things in this situation, so this is not to say that he's tipping his hand in this interview, but you can hear the frustration in his voice over the lack of a President in this university.






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